On Artillery Part 2:

On Artillery Part 2:

A further examination by Igor Pavlovski

In the present article I would like to continue the discussion of the role of artillery in Flames of War. In my previous post I pointed to the fact that killing enemy models is not a single possible role for an artillery piece in a list. Here, I would like to prove the point with a limited number crunching focused on the use of artillery against tanks. Disclaimer: I focus on artillery with AT4. Access to AT5 artillery and its quality noticeably varies between different nations and requires separate investigation.

It is a common knowledge in the community that newly-released Soviet 160 mm mortars are an ultimate anti-tank weapon. Re-rolling first attempt to range-in is invaluable against moving targets, while AT 4 Fp 2+ bombardment can really scare a lot of tanks. But how effective they exactly are? The plot below shows probabilities of destroying or bailing out a tank caught under template with 160 mm mortars hitting as veterans.


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