On Artillery Part 2:

On Artillery Part 2:

A further examination by Igor Pavlovski

In the present article I would like to continue the discussion of the role of artillery in Flames of War. In my previous post I pointed to the fact that killing enemy models is not a single possible role for an artillery piece in a list. Here, I would like to prove the point with a limited number crunching focused on the use of artillery against tanks. Disclaimer: I focus on artillery with AT4. Access to AT5 artillery and its quality noticeably varies between different nations and requires separate investigation.

It is a common knowledge in the community that newly-released Soviet 160 mm mortars are an ultimate anti-tank weapon. Re-rolling first attempt to range-in is invaluable against moving targets, while AT 4 Fp 2+ bombardment can really scare a lot of tanks. But how effective they exactly are? The plot below shows probabilities of destroying or bailing out a tank caught under template with 160 mm mortars hitting as veterans.


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September – October Painting Competition

stalingradIn order to allow for more entries and to open up the competition we have decided to change the rules for our September painting competition and hold it over for October.

So here is what we are doing. We will open the competition to any other players who wish to enter.

The Rules are as follows:

  1. You can submit one Axis (German, Italian or Romanian) Platoon
  2. You can submit on Soviet platoon
  3. While it is not a requirement that they are plausible for Stalingrad there is likely to be bonus points from both judges.
  4. We will select two winners
  5. The winners will get a free entry into the Stalingrad event that we are hosting in February

Happy painting and looking forward to getting some wider competition!

If you want to check out the rules and restrictions for the Stalingrad event then check them out in the forums here.

Submissions can be made here.

The rules are above.

August Painting Competition Winner

Winner: Zenon Berg and his Joan of Arc!

August Winner (Zenon B)

We did something a little differently this month by allowing the submission of any model from any range and in any scale. Zenon B painted his Joan of Arc Lieutenant for his Pan Oceana forces for Infinity. She looks great and is a bargain for her points in the game. She is easily one of the most impressive Lieutenants out there.

We say models from Infinity, Various DnD ranges, Descent and a Russian Officer from the 19th century. We ranged in scales from roughly 15mm up to 54mm! Over all it was a nice break for our painters to work on some other models.

Next month we are going to prepare for Stalingrad, coming soon! 

We are planning a themed event for November or December of this year for our club members. (Though we may open it to the public, we haven’t decided just yet). The event will be our first multi battle themed event for MW. I am looking forward to it! It will be interesting to not be playing my Italians for MW but that is half of what I am looking forward to!

Thanks to everyone and see you next month!

Thank you to all participants in August! The September competition is already underway! Hope to see even more submissions in September. As always lets get those back logs painted and see some more great miniatures guys! If you aren’t a member and want to join to be a part of the painting competitions then talk to an officer now! (I am one)

September rules are here

September submissions can be posted here

What Is Your Artillery “Why”?

Artillery BarrageThis month we will be continuing on the topic of artillery but from one of the other REGIMENT club members. This month is brought to you by Igor P.

After Bradford’s recent post on the artillery’s special rules, I felt that there is a need for a more general post about it’s use. It is prompted by what I see as lack of framework, which would allow to see picture as a whole without overly focusing on details.

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