Project America!

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted, it’s been pretty damned busy for me lately. Job change and lots of changes at home what with the seasons changing.

I did manage to think long and hard about my allied army though. What with the Kelowna tournament finished, I felt it was time to really commit to an allied force so that people weren’t forced to play blue because I was playing black. At first I thought that I was going to upgrade my British force to Late War and play them but what with the new Blood, Guts & Glory book out and the truly horrid paint job on my desert-themed British, I was loathe to take the time to strip them and paint them again.

So in the end I decided to go with Americans. I like their versatility. We only have one regular player of Americans in our club, so I figured that it was either them or Soviets (gasp. The thought of all that painting!) because British were pretty well represented in our gang.

I think the Americans are interesting because of their presence in the D-Day campaigns, the sheer production capacity that enabled them to secure their position as a world super power in the post-war era as well as the decision to wait until later in the war to join.

So this is the first post for “Project America.” Every week I shall commit to at least 1 post showcasing the work that I have made on my American army.

So far I have collected 2 boxes of Armored Rifle Platoons, 1 box of M18 Hellcat Tank Destroyers along with the Security Detail (VERY excited about those!), a box of Shermans and an Armored Rifle Command Section.

I’m starting the long task of assembly so I can start field testing lists. Later this week I’ll cover the M18 Hellcat boxed set.

28th Maori


   I was able to complete my 28th Maori, New Zealand Rifle Company in time to take to the Kelowna Tournament where they were able to take best overall! It is a massive company for 1750 points of Confident Veteran, tough as nails troops.

There are 10 Maori 25 pounders, 3 Bofors with transport, 3 full Maori platoons with Sticky bombs, 2 with Pioneer add ons, 2 3″ mortars with PIAT upgrade, 2 6 pounder AT guns, 3 Universal carriers (2 with .5 cal MG and one with a PIAT launcher), a AOP and limited Kittyhawk support. The HQ is also joined by a sniper hiding under a blown out truck I might add. 😉

All in all I am very pleased with the army and it has been playing incredibly well for me. I am going to give it a second tournament run in May at the Saskatoon tournament.



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Flames of War Kelowna 2012 Tournament

imageThis weekend we had a really big group of us from the Calgary R.E.G.I.M.E.N.T. meet up in Kelowna for the local group’s 2012 annual Flames of War tournament. 7 of us came up, most of us in Howard’s ‘War Van’ but we even had one of us fly in, so we had a good chunk of us representing Calgary.

There was also folks from Kamloops (I had the chance to play 2 of them) and the rest were local boys.

Calgary did quite well for ourselves, taking home the Best Overall and Best General awards! Brad just rocked his opponents with his British Maoris (I know because he well and thoroughly trounced my Panzerspah in the second round! 6-1 for Brad!) and took Best Overall and Geoff apparently had a pretty awesome day with his British Tines and Tees and took home Best General.

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Panzerspah List Completed

Puma 1iC and 3 Platoons of Pumas on the left, 2 Panzergrens on the right. Panthers, AA and Panzerwerfers in the back.

Well, been working away for a few weeks on my Panzerspah list in anticipation of the upcoming Kelowna tournament. I had a chance to sit down and finish the last of the Sd Kfz 10/5 AA trucks and the extra crew for the Panzerwerfers. I love this list for its versatility, movement and aggressiveness. It just begs to be charging headlong into combat!

Most of the other guys in the club are almost finished their lists for the tournament as well. I’m hoping that they’ll come on board and post some pictures too!

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What Started It All

I remember the first time that I ever played a wargame with my Dad.

Barely six years old I remember I cried when all the shiny tanks I got to play with were mercilessly destroyed by Dad’s Axis forces.

I remember my Dad patiently explaining to me that winning wasn’t everything with this kind of game, poor consolation for a kid who didn’t yet understand the satisfaction of having worked towards something. I remember watching Dad line up his victorious Panzer IVs in a phalanx formation and then line up my Shermans in a similar line on the Panzer’s flanks, just behind a wooded area. He then said to me “So if I have better guns on my tanks and better armour on the front and you know that my only weak point is on the side of rear, what would you do differently?”

I struggled with this for a while, trying to understand that Dad was teaching me something. At first I said that I’d hide in the woods so his tanks couldn’t get me. That wasn’t going to do it though, Dad explained, his tanks would eventually get to me and I’d lose the Shermans again.

“Well I’d just run away from you then, far enough so you couldn’t shoot me.”

Dad considered this, nodding his head. “Yup,” he said “that’s definitely something you could do to make sure that you lived but what if my tanks shot farther than you and I could move faster than you?”

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