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On Artillery Part 2:

On Artillery Part 2:

A further examination by Igor Pavlovski

In the present article I would like to continue the discussion of the role of artillery in Flames of War. In my previous post I pointed to the fact that killing enemy models is not a single possible role for an artillery piece in a list. Here, I would like to prove the point with a limited number crunching focused on the use of artillery against tanks. Disclaimer: I focus on artillery with AT4. Access to AT5 artillery and its quality noticeably varies between different nations and requires separate investigation.

It is a common knowledge in the community that newly-released Soviet 160 mm mortars are an ultimate anti-tank weapon. Re-rolling first attempt to range-in is invaluable against moving targets, while AT 4 Fp 2+ bombardment can really scare a lot of tanks. But how effective they exactly are? The plot below shows probabilities of destroying or bailing out a tank caught under template with 160 mm mortars hitting as veterans.


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What Is Your Artillery “Why”?

Artillery BarrageThis month we will be continuing on the topic of artillery but from one of the other REGIMENT club members. This month is brought to you by Igor P.

After Bradford’s recent post on the artillery’s special rules, I felt that there is a need for a more general post about it’s use. It is prompted by what I see as lack of framework, which would allow to see picture as a whole without overly focusing on details.

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Wehrmacht Rain

Russland-Mitte/Süd, Panzerhaubitze "Hummel"Bring on the Wehrmacht! As we go into our final nation specific look into artillery I knew I had to picture the Hummel for our Germans. I personally love the Hummel and they make it into almost all of my lists that can take them. I do have to admit that I am biased though since I play Wiking SS and they have the best Hummels in the game! Who doesn’t love artillery that cannot be pinned, fires as if it were Veteran and has protected ammo and AA MGs to help protect itself. These guys have provided more kills for me than nearly any other single platoon.  However, this isn’t about my Wiking SS tactics (though I am already thinking that might be a future post now) so lets look at German artillery as a whole.

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Steel Wall

KatyushaOur last Allied Nation that we will be looking at is the Soviets. It feels almost strange even talking about them in terms of artillery because they are so very different in the way that they use artillery compared to every other nation out there. They tend to do more direct fire than anyone else and of course do not have smoke either. However their direct fire is far more deadly than any other army out there.

Lets look at just how differently the Soviets tackle artillery below:

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Mike Target

25 pounder firingThe third month in our look at artillery. This time we get to look at one of my favourites! I am going to be looking at the British and commonwealth forces. These are my favourite as I tend to find them the most useful artillery in the game. Perhaps my bias comes from the fact that I usually play Canadian and New Zealand forces, both of which have additional rules to support their artillery.

Personally I have found that the British artillery has two strong advantages:

  1. Reliability (Mike Target) as it ranges in more often and ranges in early more often.
  2. Versatility: 25 pounders have some great direct fire and are mounted on a turntable to give it even more versatility in direct firing.

Lets examine these advantages and others in depth!

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