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The Pocket Closes

Week 2 Summary

Congratulations to Chris for winning the week 2 random gift card draw to Imaginary Wars. See Kyle at Imaginary Wars to receive your card. 

As the 1st army rages across Morocco and Algeria the Germans are pushed back behind the Tunisian border. A staggering defense was put up by Leutnant Berg’s Panzer Kompanie. However, he was forces to retreat as the companies to his flanks gave way.

In the south the 8th army has already pushed the DAK forces back to the Tunisia border as well and things are looking grave as the DAK set up a defense of the remainder of the country and their presence in North Africa.

The DAK forces are preparing a staunch defence around the city of Medjez el Bab. In addition they are preparing an offensive in the Kasserine Pass. (This is the Tanksgiving event on November 18th at noon!)

Looking to Week 3

Remember we are still at 80 points for this week. 

As the German forces further bolster their defensive plans and their supply lines become shorter they shore up defenses and prepare to hold out against the allied invaders.

The mission for week 3 is No Retreat with the DAK forces defending the town. (Set up a town that is mostly on one side of the table and that is the half that the Germans defend)

Dak forces have improved their defenses, they will keep dummy minefield (Remember this time it allows you to move a minefield after deployment but before the game begins, NOT get another one!) Their commanders have also received extra training and will receive the “Hidden in Plain sight” (This allows them to be concealed if stationary, even in the open, like infantry teams)  and “Charmed Life” (automatically pass one armour or infantry save on your CO, assuming you can actually pass the save) card.

1st Army forces (US forces) have continued to prove that sometimes it really is better to be lucky than good. They will retain the “Lucky” card and also gain the “Charmed Life” (automatically pass one armour or infantry save on your CO, assuming you can actually pass the save) card.

Looking to Kasserine Pass (Tanksgiving)

This is the offensive that DAK forces have been preparing for and are ready to show the US forces what it is like to prepare for an attack rather than simply be lucky! The Germans have amassed more armour than the US thought possible and are about to roll through Kasserine Pass against a heavily outnumbered US force sitting in the valley.


  • Bring 60 points.
    • You will receive a bonus for being an armoured formation.

1st Army:

  • Bring 50 points.
    • You will receive a bonus for being an infantry formation that has no more than 1 platoon of tanks and no more than 1 platoon of AT guns.


  • Starts at noon on Saturday the 18th and will last for 3 hours.
    • Please arrive at 11:30 for briefing and to have your armies ready.
  • Free for Calgary Regiment Members and Campaign participants. $5 for anyone else.
  • There will be door crasher prizes for this event.

Note: If you would really like to try out Flames of war and do not have models then please come anyway and we will have some Calgary Regiment members with extra miniatures for you to try things out with. 


Green Light for Operation Torch




Allied landings in Morocco and Algeria. The British have already pushed the Germans back through Libya and now the Germans are fighting a two front war in North Africa. 

I am going to give out the particulars as well as summarize week 1 all together here. Read on for the full details!


In phase 1 of the campaign the British 8th army surged across North Africa driving the Deutsches Afrikakorps (DAK) from Egypt and Libya pushing them to the borders of Tunisia.

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September – October Painting Competition

stalingradIn order to allow for more entries and to open up the competition we have decided to change the rules for our September painting competition and hold it over for October.

So here is what we are doing. We will open the competition to any other players who wish to enter.

The Rules are as follows:

  1. You can submit one Axis (German, Italian or Romanian) Platoon
  2. You can submit on Soviet platoon
  3. While it is not a requirement that they are plausible for Stalingrad there is likely to be bonus points from both judges.
  4. We will select two winners
  5. The winners will get a free entry into the Stalingrad event that we are hosting in February

Happy painting and looking forward to getting some wider competition!

If you want to check out the rules and restrictions for the Stalingrad event then check them out in the forums here.

Submissions can be made here.

The rules are above.

August Painting Competition Winner

Winner: Zenon Berg and his Joan of Arc!

August Winner (Zenon B)

We did something a little differently this month by allowing the submission of any model from any range and in any scale. Zenon B painted his Joan of Arc Lieutenant for his Pan Oceana forces for Infinity. She looks great and is a bargain for her points in the game. She is easily one of the most impressive Lieutenants out there.

We say models from Infinity, Various DnD ranges, Descent and a Russian Officer from the 19th century. We ranged in scales from roughly 15mm up to 54mm! Over all it was a nice break for our painters to work on some other models.

Next month we are going to prepare for Stalingrad, coming soon! 

We are planning a themed event for November or December of this year for our club members. (Though we may open it to the public, we haven’t decided just yet). The event will be our first multi battle themed event for MW. I am looking forward to it! It will be interesting to not be playing my Italians for MW but that is half of what I am looking forward to!

Thanks to everyone and see you next month!

Thank you to all participants in August! The September competition is already underway! Hope to see even more submissions in September. As always lets get those back logs painted and see some more great miniatures guys! If you aren’t a member and want to join to be a part of the painting competitions then talk to an officer now! (I am one)

September rules are here

September submissions can be posted here