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We are an active wargames club in the Calgary area that meets regularly to play Flames of War tabletop wargames. We consist of close to a dozen players who are committed to having an enhanced aesthetic gaming experience. What does that mean? That we are committed to always working on making our armies and boards look as realistic and enjoyable as possible. You aren’t claiming to be the best at anything, much less painting. But we do enjoy seeing progress on our projects. We enjoy good sportsmanship and we enjoy playing in the context of history.

We are an invite-only group. While we do at times look to increase our club size, we are choosy about who we invite to our group. It doesn’t mean we’re snobby, quite the opposite, we are more than happy to answer questions for curious onlookers. But we are choosy.

As is often said “You don’t just let anyone into your living room.”

This site is our virtual club-house, where we can showcase our work, show off our latest accomplishments and talk about all things Flames of War. Enjoy!


Adam “Zee Germans” Stephens

Adam has been playing World War II wargames for as long as he can remember. As an all too willing opponent for his father’s hobby, Adam’s childhood had him cutting his wargamer teeth on all manner of Allied and Axis forces in micro-armour scale.

Adam has observed one thing from all of his years wargaming: There is nothing quite like having a nail-biting game where brilliant strategies were executed with grace and sportsmanlike conduct.

He also makes the occasional “Pew pew” sounds when his Panzergrenadiers storm into assault. He can’t help it.


 Bradford Stretton

I started playing world war two games back when I was in Junior High School when I was first introduced to Axis and Allies by a friend. I went on to get the entire collection and have a copy of almost every Axis and Allies game put out. I then discovered miniature war gaming which evolved into Flames of War.

I have always loved history and numbers, by combining the two I came to miniature war gaming where I can run stats till my heart is content and I am certain of victory! If only the victories were as certain as my stats… Irregardless combining these two loves has been an amazing experience.

I have come to realize that no gaming experience is better than getting together with a bunch of guys to play through World War II as a whole or piecemeal.

Howard Nason

(too ugly for pictures)

I am one of the founding officers of our club, along with Dave, Stuart and Matt.   I have built models since I was kid and have always had a borderline obsession with all things WWII.  I got started wargaming back in the 1990′s when a roommate showed me his space marines and orks for 40K.   Those first games were played on the floor, with towel-draped book stacks for hills and house plants for forests LOL!

I drifted away from gaming for a number of years  and it wasn’t until I moved to Calgary back in 2005 and a friend introduced me to Flames of War that my interest in wargaming was rekindled.    Now I’m totally hooked, have shevles filled with armies in my basement (much to my wife’s chagrin…) and look forward to getting my kids into gaming very soon as well.

I currently have completed a Canadian rifle company, German Fallschirmjager company, German Afrika Korps tank and motorized companies, a Tiger company and a Stug company and am working on Canadian tanks, German grenadiers, German SS and numerous German tanks like Panthers, King Tigers, Panzer IV’s and so forth.  I also bought a Russian strelkovy army.    Lots on the go!   There’s nothing I enjoy more than finishing off a new platoon and putting them in the display case to await its first game.

It’s really exciting to see our little club growing and hosting our own special battles (D-Day on a 16′ table is an annual highlight) and events.   Looking forward to the years ahead!


3 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Howdy,
    I realize you guys are mainly Flames of War players, but would your group be interested in a demo of Fireball Forward? It is another 15mm WW2 game. Units are about the same scale as Flames of War (individual tanks and squads). I could run a game at either Sentry Box or Imaginary Wars.


  2. Hello! It was great to make contact with your club at the Team Yankee Iron Maiden game recently. I enjoyed talking to Howard and Geoff about some opportunity for your club to do some gaming at The Military Museum. TMM is wanting to reach out to tge gaming community and I am the point man for that operation I look forward to working witj the REGIMENT

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