1st Army, Meet DAK Wall

Week 3 summary:

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Week 3 saw the US 1st army smash against the wall that was the DAK. The DAK only lost in one of the battles along the front. The town of Medjez el Bab has stayed in German hands.


The only loss was a narrow one with a battered CO and extremely short handed British Motor platoon managing to stave off the surge of DAK panzers that Lieutnant Allen Strettons commanded. The few remaining men of the 4th platoon under Lieutenant Bradfords command secured the town center from the DAK forces. After losing most of their support the 21st Panzers decided to regroup before pushing the combined US and British 1st army out of the town center.

Elsewhere the DAK had managed to stop all attempts of the US forces to reach the lonely British forces in Medjez el Bab and in the end the British were forced to retreat.

Kasserine Pass:

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After a bloody fight the allied forces were pushed from the pass as the seemingly innumerable German panzers surged through the pass with the 1st army barely managing to retreat with any troops.

Looking to Week 4

Week 3 saw a surge in German forces and a rousing victory for the DAK who switched gears from defence to offence at Kasserine Pass.

Week 4 will see armies grow to 100 points as both sides attempt a Hasty attack. In this weeks battles the German forces will get the chance to choose if they want to be the attacker or defender in the mission. (Please remember this mission is a standard mission and does NOT use the Fog of War cards.) Being a reserve mission each side will be required to keep 40 points or more in reserve. (notice that the reserves are different for both players however!)  

Being that the 1st army was taken unaware last week when forced to face a battle hardened and prepared DAK attack they are leary going forward. The 21st Panzer forces of the DAK were also unprepared for just how wildly successful their offensive at Kasserine Pass was. Therefore the following are what both sides will receive.

1st Army (allies):

Your forces are gaining experience and becoming even more determined to remove the German forces from North Africa. It is time to retake the Mediterranean for the allies! Gain the following force upgrades for free:

  • Determined (Gain 2 free re-rolls that can only be used for last stand checks.)
  • Cut Them Down (The formation commander may re-roll failed to hit rolls when shooting during defensive fire while being assaulted.)
  • Tenacity (Your HQ Unit and any infantry unit it has combined with pass their first motivation test to counterattack each turn on a 2+)
  • Charmed Life (automatically pass one armour or infantry save on your CO, assuming you can actually pass the save)


Your forces have become even more battle hardened with the battles against the joint 1st army and the British 8th army. Receive the following upgrades for free:

  • Battle Hardened CO (use the Joseph Rettemeier card: If a unit leader is within 6″ and line of sight of the formation commander then they pass shoot and scoot tests on a 2+. Also the formation commander may re-roll one failed to hit roll in each shooting step (not for bombardments))
  • Every Shot Counts (Attached to a Platoon. That platoon commander may re-roll one failed to hit roll in each shooting step)
  • Charmed Life (automatically pass one armour or infantry save on your CO, assuming you can actually pass the save)

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