Green Light for Operation Torch




Allied landings in Morocco and Algeria. The British have already pushed the Germans back through Libya and now the Germans are fighting a two front war in North Africa. 

I am going to give out the particulars as well as summarize week 1 all together here. Read on for the full details!


In phase 1 of the campaign the British 8th army surged across North Africa driving the Deutsches Afrikakorps (DAK) from Egypt and Libya pushing them to the borders of Tunisia.

Phase 2:

Moving into phase 2 the US joined the allied forces with hopes of surrounding the German forces and driving them from the North Africa for good.

Rules Summary and Recap:

The campaign is four weeks long and has two events. The weekly battles influence the outcome of the next weeks mission and get potential upgrades for your side of the conflict.

Each player can play as many games as they would like but only the first battle they play will count for victory points. If you do not play on Friday night at Imaginary Wars then be sure to let Bradford know the results and location of your battle so that he can log the points. The game needs to be reported by Monday morning as Bradford usually writes the update on Monday or Tuesday so people have time to prepare for the next round.


  • Cost: $20
  • Painting: Progress from week to week. (See club charter or ask an Officer for further information)
  • 4 weeks:
    • Week 1 (November 3) –> 60 points
    • Week 2 (November 10) –> 80 points
    • Week 3 (November 17) –> 80 points
    • Week 4 (November 24) –> 100 points
  • 2 Events:
    • Tanksgiving (November 18)
      • Free to campaign attendants and club members
        • 12:00 (Noon) to 15:00
        • $5 to non-members and/or non-event participants
      • Bring 50 points with at least 1 armoured formation (however beyond that feel free to bring other support)
      • If you do not own models and want to give it a try then come out and borrow some from one of the club members!
    • Wrap up Narrative Event (December 2nd)
      • 8:45  to 17:30
      • $30 (Discount available, see prizes below)
      • Fried Chicken and Salad Lunch Provided
    • Prizes:
      • Campaign:
        • Weekly Prize Draws for participating
          • Log a battle each week before Sunday night (23:59) for an entry into the weekly prize draw for an Imaginary Wars gift certificate.
        • Discount for Narrative Event
          • $3 for Regiment members
          • $2 for non-regiment members
            • (If you join the club before the end of the campaign we can honour the member discount so talk to an Officer today about joining up!
      • Tanksgiving:
        • Random Door Prizes
      • Narrative Event:
        • Painting Awards (At the narrative event on December 2nd)
        •  Random Prize Draw for every participant!

If you have more questions then feel free to ask an Officer! 

Week 1 Summary:

Congratulations to Al for winning the week 1 gift card to Imaginary Wars. See Kyle for your discount coupon. 

Week 1 saw the US and British joint landings in Morocco and Algeria go exactly as planned. They caught the Germans un-prepared for an invasion and the French stationed there were all to happy to welcome the Allies to Africa after Hitler had invaded Vichy France after the Allied landings in North Africa went so well.

Looking to Week 2:

Going forward the green US and British forces who have freshly arrived in Africa have proven that sometimes it is better to be lucky than well trained. US and British forces gain the “lucky” upgrade for free. (1 free re-roll to be used anytime during the game on any roll). The German forces have taken some time to prepare after giving up the beachheads to the Allies. German forces gain the “dummy minefield” upgrade for free.

Week 2’s mission uses the Fog of War mission with the Free for All set up. The Germans automatically draw the “spread disorder” card while the Allies automatically draw the “Scout Town or Forest” card and must select a town for the card. (Note that this means that you must ensure that there is a town on the Germans side of the table. This will force the table sides.)




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