July Painting Competition Winner!

Winner: Chris G and his King Tigers!

July Winner 2 (Chris G)

This Month we have a platoon of Kings rolling through! Chris G did an excellent job this month! Not only did he paint some beautiful King Tiger tanks but he also expanded his painting skill set. He had never done the ambush camo or tried pin washes before and so with that it was a great choice for a winner!

July Winner (Chris G)The commander looks great as well. Take a look at him keeping watch as his platoon of armoured beasts advances! Pretty impressive atop his massive King Tiger at the head of 3. Chris uses these most often as part of his Devils Charge Pipers list. Probably some of the meanest King Tigers in the game in my opinion. Fearless Trained is just nasty!

Runner Up: Igor P and his Soviet armoured train!

July Runner up (Igor P)However, I believe it must be mentioned that Igor P did a great job as the REGIMENT expanded its presence on the railways. In addition to the two German BP44s we now have a captured Polish train in service of the Soviet forces!

Thanks to everyone and see you next month!

Thank you to all participants in July! The August competition is already underway! Hope to see even more submissions in August. As always lets get those back logs painted and see some more great miniatures guys! If you aren’t a member and want to join to be a part of the painting competitions then talk to an officer now! (I am one)

August rules are here

August submissions can be posted here

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