An Exciting Spring!

FlurryThere is about to be a flurry of activity for the REGIMENT in terms of events. (pardon my punny picture) It is looking to be an exciting season to be sure! We kick things off in Regina on April 23-24th. This looks to be a fun event though it does have many of us extremely nervous with the 2 hour time limit at 1775 points. I am a fast player and yet this still makes me nervous. However, it should make for a lot of fortified and tank lists. Time will tell, stay tuned for an after action report on this one!

logo small 2Next we have the REGIMENT invitational on May 7th which is going to do LW this year as opposed to our usual MW. This one should be interesting as it will be most peoples’ first tournament in Western Canada at the new 1420 points total. This one is a bit out of season for us since Kelowna has folded into Attack-X this year and so we are trying to fill the spring void that was left. It is a preliminary trial though so who knows what will happen in 2017!

Then we have DDay which is a two part thing this year. One of our Club members, Al, has been working on some boards for Pegasus Bridge and the Merville Battery. These will be fought the week before the Juno landings (most likely May 28th) and will directly influence the scenario for Juno beach (most likely June 4th). This should be exciting as there are going to be mechanics that allow the German defenders of Juno to get the Merville battery for a set number of turns or even perpetually depending on when the British airbourne silence the battery. The crossroads and bridges may also allow the Germans to receive some armoured reserves depending on how this battle goes. The pressure will be on for the British Horsa assault troops, paratroopers and commandos to hold their objectives! Finally we fight Juno beach on the 16′ by 6′ recreation that one of the club founders, Dave, made years ago. This is a massive 12 player, 20 000 points a side battle that takes the entire day and playing space at our LGS, Imaginary Wars who graciously hosts us for this magnificent display.

All in all it is a fun season we have ahead as we head into the summer. This spring should be a fantastic one as far as miniature soldiers are concerned!

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