Winter Train

Most of the List
Most of the List

The List:

Just a quick reminder of my list at 1900. It is strange to say the least as it is 2 things that you do not see all the time. There is a train and it is a fortified company. It has minefields as well in order to try to control the movement of my opponents forces and funnel them into the trenches of my Grenadiers. Fortified Train list 1900


This is my HQ (and you can see some of my scratch built trench lines that I made as well). It also has an extra command team in case I need to not attach out one of the HMGs to make the sixth platoon.

HQ: Co on left. 2iC in the middle and the extra command stand on the right.

Grenadier Platoons:

I tend to like modeling my platoons to have a theme when placed together. Therefore one of my Grenadier platoons is in a sandbag trench and the other is dug into fox holes. (I also did the two HMGs, Panzerschrek and Mortars to match them for when they are attached.)

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Pak 40 AT Platoon:

I didn’t do anything fancy for my Pak 40 platoon as it doesn’t have enough room on the bases of the guns.

Pak 40 platoon


I magnetized the guns for my flak bunkers so that I can put either quads, 2cm or 3.7cm guns into them.

Flak nest 1
Flak nest 2

The HMG nests were some of my summer ones as I didn’t have time to make any winter ones so I didn’t bother to take any pictures of them. However you can see them in the group shot at the beginning of the post. You can see the Minefields (or barbwire depending on the list I use) in the group shot. However I did include a shot of the Pak 40 bunker. I decided not to go with the Battlefront one and I honestly go back and forth between being happy with the decision and being regretful.

Pak 40 Bunker

Train and Panzergrenadier garrison:

I did quite a bit of work on the train. First thing I did was hollow them out so I could add more details. The engine has a N-scale engine inside it and when I hook up my transformer I am able to literally drive the train around. Something my two year old son absolutely loves. 🙂 I also didn’t like the look of the artillery cars and felt like I could do something with that so I ordered two extra AA cars and then modeled searchlights for the AA mount. I even rigged them with wiring and a mini light so that it works (see picture) The last thing I added to the structure of the train was a working light and men sitting inside the infantry car. After-all, it is supposed to have an entire panzergrenadier platoon inside.

Then comes the infantry. I added a platoons worth of infantry to the outside of the train including men with MGs on the tank hunter cars, men inside all sorts of hatches as well as one climbing onto the roof of the staff car. I even made sure to have a conductor as well. For the Panzergrenadier platoon I had them crossing a thawing creek by adding water effects to their bases and building it up so it looks like there is some depth to the water.

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Turn Counter and Objectives:

I used a Panther turret bunker as my turn counter mounted on a CD. The objectives are scratch built POW camps with British bailed out tank crews as POWs.

POW Objectives
Panther Turret Bunker Turn Counter

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