Edmonton Fusiliers Remembers Tournament Debrief

Fortified Grenadiers Group Shot

The majority of the Grenadiers that I took to the Edmonton tournament. I do not have all of the mine fields or trench lines in the picture but this is most of it.

Stay tuned for a post about my list with more pictures.

Tournament Summary:

The tournament in Edmonton was a 5 round two day event with blind missions. We got to find out the missions right before we played them, about the same time we found out what table and opponent we had. They also used the ETC “Big points, Small points” way of scoring which was a nice break from the usual. They provided T-shirts commemorating the event (which I forgot at the venue oops) as well as lunch on the first day and some continental food throughout the entire event.

Game 1:

1 game

The first round was Surrounded against Devon and his Reluctant Trained force that was designed primarily for defense. Forcing him to attack had him on his heals to some degree. Though the King Tiger and two Sturm Tigers did make a bit of a mess before I could pull off the win.

A 6-1 win as the train and Pak 40s held in passing a motivation check each to stay in the fight and give up no points to Devon.

Devon’s List

Devon B tourney list
Devon B Tournament List

Game 2:

2 1Game right side2 2game left side

Second round was Encounter against Geoff. This was a ridiculous match up from the start. Geoff is from the REGIMENT as well and yet we hadn’t played in over a year and had just been talking about the fact that we needed to play before this tournament happened. He also borrowed a US 82nd Airbourne list that I had used in a Market Garden Campaign we had a while back. It was a nasty list (see below) and my own. So I was fighting myself in some ways.

To make things more strange it was Encounter, a mission that gets no love from Geoff nor I. We both hate the mission with a passion and honestly, nothing of note happened all game. We both caused some casualties but neither of us had any chance of winning really. The only thing that was heroic if I might say is that my 2 8cm mortars managed to kill not one but two dug in 105mm howitzers which caused a platoon moral which they failed giving me one of my points.

In the end it was a miserable game and Geoff bought a round of Rum and Cokes for us to wash away the terribleness of it all. We ended in a 3-3 draw and a bad experience. I do not know why people keep using this mission in tournaments or at all for that matter. I really hate it!

Geoff’s List

82nd Airbourne 1900
Geoff 82nd Airbourne List


Game 3:

3 game

Last round of day 1 was No Retreat against Brandon T and his Always Defends 506 Schwere Panzerkompanie. (List at the bottom)

This game was another unusual one for my opponent as he was also used to defending but my fortified train had trumped him and forced him to attack. He managed to kill off the train but clever use of smoke on my part made sure that his 15cm guns didn’t do much and that his King Tigers kept moving. The Pak 40 bunker took out the 2 StugGs early. His King Tigers moved to cross the minefields and go after the train and then roll my flank. 2 got across right away but his CO could not pass that reluctant motivation check to cross the minefield. He must have taken at least 10 check between regular movement and storm trooper checks. Eventually they all got across the mine fields and I was able to ambush my Pak 40s behind him and assault to finish them off ensuring that no teams were in my half of the board.

I would like to note that as a defender I do my best to play as such. Nothing drives me more crazy that people who slow play as a defender. I consider any game that is less than 10 turns at the end of time to be too slow unless of course it was won by then. Brandon and I played 14 turns before I managed to win and we were the second table of the round to finish. A 5-2 win, with of course the train ending up dead as usual.

Brandon T List

Brandon T Tourney List
Brandon T Tourney List

Game 4:

4 game

This round was against a Panzer Kampfgruppe from desperate measures against Brendon. We played Breakthrough Assault. My minefields managed to cause serious problems with Brendon not being exactly sure where he wanted to assault. This managed to buy me enough time to get all three infantry platoons onto the objectives as well as the Pak 40 platoon. They all doubled to get there and then set up before any of his troops could show up. This meant that as his reserves showed up I was able to take them out systematically. The trains artillery and tank hunter car managed to remove his recce tanks and most of his 1st panzer platoon as well as a single 15cm gun.

Probably the most notable thing about this game was that the train died as soon as it had to take a check, unlike the other games where the train had been charmed and beyond fearless. The other was that my mortars pinned his 15cm guns who refused to unpin for nearly the entire game.

A 5-2 win with again a dead train.

Brendon M List

Brendon M tourney List
Brendon M tourney List. I am missing something but I am not sure what the other 90 points was spent on.

Game 5, Top Table 1:

5 game bunker hill

I say top table 1 because there was 3 players with 3 wins and 1 loss. The other table was Igor, also from the REGIMENT and Geoff who I had played in game 2. Unfortunately Geoff was carrying two losses so he was contending for best allied player if he won while Igor was playing to win the event just like Brandon G and I.

5 game mined objectiveMy game was against Brandon G and his Medium Self-Propelled Artillery Regiment (Guards). We were playing Counter attack. This is probably my favourite mission. I managed to get a big hill on the edge of my deployment zone which insured I that I had command of the battlefield with my Pak 40 Bunker. It might actually get to shoot at things for once! (Usually it is just there for board control as people avoid it) I used the minefields to make sure that they would be between my troops which would run to the other mobile objective and whatever troops Brandon sent. He would need to cross the minefields in order to remove my dug in troops on the other side or go through my fortifications.

The MVPs hands down of this game were my Pak 40s who managed to save around 9 saves (or more) from assault guns with Cat Killer who were lighting themup. I did fail one, yes literally only one save which Brandon obliged by failing the firepower. This meant that my Pak 40s had a massive ambush removing 5 OT T34-85s and bailing two more (with the Bunker helping). They went on to kill all 9 OT T34-85s and his Co T34-85 as well. They also killed  a couple infantry, the 3 armoured quad AA and 3 of the SU 100s.

I should also point out, with Brandon’s permission that he is “really good at this game” as his rolls were on fire and mine were average aside from the Pak 40 saves. In all honesty though, Brandon is a great player and won the Canadian Nationals that were in Calgary a couple years ago. It was a pleasure to play him and catch up since I haven’t seen him for a while and we are both teachers after all.

5 game dead trainA 5-2 win with yet again a dead train. Though this time Brandon G had to kill the entire train as I made 3 confident moral checks.


Brandon G List

Brandon Golby Tourney List
Brandon G Tournament List


So we know I won against Brandon G but it still came down to Igor and Geoffs game to see if Igor or I came out on top. I had managed a slightly better run of things and just barely edged out Igor. Igor finished with Best Axis, and a very close second place while I managed Best Overall. Brandon G ended with Best Allied player.

It was  a great event and I know that many of the Calgary REGIMENT boys plan to go again next year. Thanks Danny and the Edmonton Fusiliers for putting on a great event!

Some pictures of the winners with Danny from the Edmonton Fusiliers who was the tournament officiator. It was a good event for the Calgary REGIMENT. 🙂 As Best Overall I was allowed to put a quote on their annual trophy that goes on the wall at the legion that they play at. I figured it was only fitting to put, “The little engine that could” as my quote.

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Stay tuned for a post with more pictures of my train list. I have had a few requests and so plan on putting together something simple with some pictures.

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