470_remembrance_0611092We have two events in November at the REGIMENT. We have a Remembrance Day(ish) tournament that the crew at the Edmonton Fusiliers puts on which is coming up this Saturday and Sunday.  The second is US Tanksgiving. Because the tournament is later we are pushing our tanksgiving event to December 5th.

Remembrance Tournament:

I have decided that in honour of the snow outside I would dust off my winter train. I was going to include some pictures but when I went to take them last night I realized that some of my wiring for the search lights had stopped working and so I ended up spending last night fixing it. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to finish but should have time today before I leave for Edmonton.

Therefore the pictures will have to come in the aftermath of the tournament which I will post next week sometime. However, I can still post the list since a few people have asked.

Fortified Train list 1900

The list forms 5 or 6 platoons depending on reserves. If I need to have 6 platoons in order to ensure that I have 3 platoons on the board in reserve missions then I only attach one HMG in order to leave a single HMG with CMD stand in order to make the sixth platoon.

The Minefields allow me to protect the route to, or defend an objective in a mobile mission while my slower troops move to their new defensive position. The bunkers and a single platoon are usually all I need to defend the other objective in the mobile missions.

The train also provides a bit of a mobile element and is a lot of fun. Unfortunately it isn’t very effective if your opponent has played a train before because all it really has going for it is surprise. Once the enemy knows how to engage a train it becomes significantly more difficult.

The tactical advantage of being a fortified list with a train means that I can be an always defends list that has two of my reserve platoons come on together in the form of the train and the Panzergrenadier platoon that is on the train. The only downside is the lack of a faust in the panzergrenadier platoon. The two pioneer teams help to mitigate this however.

I haven’t played the train much in the last year and never at 1900 (aside from 2 games in the last week) and so it should be fun. I will give you an update as to how well the train did after the event, though I am not as hopeful as I was when I took it to Kelowna and won best overall with it. Many of the opponents will have seen or played a train before which takes away a lot of its advantage, but at least it will be fun!


We decided to again do something a little different for this years tanksgiving. First of all we decided to do a MW event rather than a LW one. Secondly we planned a three way battle against the US 1st army, British 8th army and the German and Italian forces attempting a withdrawal from Tunisia. The plan is to blend both a surrounded type of fight with a fighting withdrawal scenario. This means the German / Italian team will be withdrawing from the US and British armies from the port in Tunis.

The other twist is going to be that no single player has a set company or group of models that is theirs. Instead they will be part of the team, German / Italian, British / Commonwealth or US. When it is their turn they will be allowed to “activate” a single platoon (or two depending on platoon size). This is to encourage people to set up strikes against specific positions in a turn rather than all out offensives. It should also allow for a much faster paced game.

Since Civilian Gamer and I have not hammered out the final details yet we will have to postpone more details until after the tournament. The plan right now is to do most of the planning on the road trip to and from Edmonton this weekend. 😉

See you guys all next week with an aftermath of the Tournament, update on Tanksgiving and soon another tactics article as well!

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