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Airbourne Invasion!Airbourne

I know, I know, I  used this photo last time, but I just thought it was too good not to use again! Well I have been distracted by painting and parenting but after some much needed bugging from the guys I am releasing the rest of the information for the Airbourne event I am running in just two weeks! Oops!! That crept up on me much faster than anticipated!

First Mission: Death From Above!

Link: http://www.flamesofwar.com/Portals/0/Documents/Rules/Airlanding-Rules.pdf


*Please note that while this mission is technically for Mid War, we will be using it for Late War with some modifications and list restrictions

In this mission the British and Americans will perform their initial landings across Holland. The following list restrictions will be used:

US Parachute Lists out of Market Garden (page 66-67) 1600 points

  • No armour may be used
  • No British allies may be taken
  • No air support
  • Platoons named “glider” come in gliders on turn 2, see below
  • Airbourne Divisional Recon Platoons may be taken
  • ANY and ALL platoons that are not marked “parachute” will be arriving at the beginning of turn 2 in gliders as outlined by the rules in the mission. (jeeps, guns will have one glider per team and infantry will land with 2 teams per glider.)

British  and Polish Parachute Company’s / British Airlanding Company: 1600 points

  • No Armour
  • No Armoured Cars
  • No air support
  • Non-parachute artillery must be deployed off board (25 pounders and 5.5 guns)
  • Airlanding platoons must arrive using Coup-de-main glider assault at a cost of +145  points per platoon
  • ANY and ALL platoons that are not marked “parachute” or landing as part of a coup-de-main assault will be arriving at the beginning of turn 2 in gliders as outlined by the rules in the mission. (guns will have one glider per team and infantry will land with 2

*remember that as per the mission no combat attachments may be made for the allies!

Germans: 1200 points

Must use either an infantry or fortified company out of Bridge by Bridge

*These missions will be happening at night and so night fighting will be in effect

Mission 2: Seize and Hold

Link: http://www.flamesofwar.com/Portals/0/Documents/Scenarios/Seize&Hold.pdf

This mission ill be 1650 for both sides. It will be used exactly as written in D-1. The only restrictions will be on lists again:

Allies, Americans: (Out of Market Garden)

  • US may now also use Glider Rifle Company’s
  • No armour
  • No British Allies

Allies, British: (Market Garden)

  • Access to Glider Pilot Squadron, Airbourne Reconnaissance Squadron and Airbourne Field Company Royal Engineers is allowed now
  • No Armour
  • Airlanding platoons may be upgraded to come as a coup-de-main assault for +145 points per platoon as listed in the mission specifics.


  • Must be a Fortified, Infantry or Mechanized Company from Bridge by Bridge

Mission 3: Fighting Withdrawl (Allies must be the attacker regardless of normal rules)

This mission will be played as written with only list restrictions in place:


  • Must be a Mechanized or Armoured Company out of Market Garden as this is to represent the 30th corp coming up Hell’s Highway


  • Must be a Infantry, Mechanized or Armoured list from Bridge by Bridge


I hope that you are all ready for an airbourne invasion!


When: April 12th

Where: Imaginary Wars, Calgary

Cost: $25

Prizes: Random door crashers for everyone! I do mean EVERYONE! There will still be at least one Random Grand Prize.

To hold your spot pay Kyle Bordage at Imaginary Wars and email email me at: bstretton@momentumtutoring.ca. Be sure to let us know which side you are planning on playing!

Lists: Submitted to Bradford by April 6th at Midnight. Though if you do it sooner then we can be sure that you haven’t made any errors since there is quite a few list restrictions here.

Lastly, be sure to let me know if you have any questions or concerns! I wouldn’t want you to not make it due to an unanswered question!

Looking forward to seeing you all in just two short weeks for the invasion and defense of Holland!



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