It has been a little while, sorry for that. Last week was a little more than hectic to describe it vaguely. However, I am sure there are more interesting things to read about than how much planning I had to do for work or how many tests I had to mark etc. So… without any more explanation lets get on to digging that fox hole! 



For my second platoon of Grenadiers I wanted to again try something that I hadn’t done for a long time. When I first got into Flames of War years ago I had tried to do one platoon in fox holes. It turned out well enough and had several comments on them over the years. However, now I wanted to give it another try with my increased painting and modelling skills. My Germans were not nearly as cold as Easy company, despite the suggestion of the picture. I put my German Grens in more of a spring thaw time of year, how nice of me.

Construction and Notes

I needed to cut models off at the waist, or there about in order to make them “in” fox holes. I did this because building up a fox hole and putting the whole model into it would look kind of funny, or at least that is what I thought. I wanted my guys to appear to be at the same ground level as the rest of my force, but clearly sunk into it in the form of foxholes. I left a few models above ground in order to capture the idea of a platoon in the middle of battle. Having some guys moving between fox holes or positions while most troops are dug in and waiting. I also wanted to have a way to pick up the bases as this was a bit of a pain in the last set of dug in troops that I had done. Therefore I decided to put a broken tree trunk on each base to allow for a place to pick up the model and to add to the scene going on in my models.

Enjoy the pictures below and as always let me know you think, just keep things constructive as I am always looking for ways to improve my painting and modelling skills. Though I reserve the right to claim artistic differences if I disagree with your opinion. haha. After all it is still a form of art and while I want to improve I may have done certain things a specific way on purpose. 😉

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