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Danny out of the Edmonton Flames of War group gave a resounding post for unity among the Western Canadian Flames of War communities. I think this is a brilliant idea as we tend to occasionally step on each others toes and run events on top of each other. I will try to see to updating our Calendar with the events that are being held in Western Canada. If we can unite the BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan Flames of War groups then I believe that we will be able to hold some truly amazing and impressive events. So far it seems like everyone is on board, and why wouldn’t we all be on board! It is a fantastic idea and ultimately means a better and more cohesive community!!!unite

The idea was proposed to have one large event in each city and then some minor events. My thought here is that we make the big events the ones that people aim to be at from out of town while the smaller ones can be more localized and focused on building the local communities so that the larger events are even larger by extension.

The Big Ones

So far this means that Calgary will have a fall tournament (Sept-October), Kelowna a Spring Tournament (April-May) and it looks like Edmonton is going to aim for Remembrance Day weekend in November. I think that this gives us a great place to start and should be a ton of fun for the community to attend some large events that they just have to show up for.

I, for one am STOKED!

2 thoughts on “Unite the West!”

  1. Here here Bradford. I think it is a pure stroke of genius and am glad to hear that other communities think so as well.

    Look forward to collaborating with you guys in the future!

  2. Ya, I am looking forward to it! I am thinking that if we can do one big even that out of towners aim to be at a year that is doable. We can still run plenty of others but if everyone does one big event then we should be able to get those numbers up, share the planning duties and increase the overall community!

    I already plan on attending your Remembrance Day event next year!

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