Shirley Hardie

Shirley Hardie

Shirley F

So if you are thinking that that name sounds familiar then you are absolutely correct. She is an author from the 1940s (Shirley Hardie Jackson), and so positioned to be a writer of the strange and mysterious and horrific that she has witnessed as a member of my Threshold Team. She is armed with a club (also known as her books) and tends to write about every experience that the team encounters in her later “fictional” works.


Shirley R

 So far she has managed to stay out of trouble and even lend a hand to Erich in loading his .30 cal to make sure the enemies do not make it close enough to really hurt them. She has even managed to club a Serpentman Demagogue  on the head with her books in order to allow Jebediah Hill the killing blow on the foul beast! She is certainly proving to be even more useful than a simple civilian taking notes but lending a hand to the dirty work when needed. Anastasia is still unsure of her abilities but considering her helpfulness to both Erich and Jebediah she has certainly won both of them over and proven her place on the team. Hopefully in time Anastasia will come to see the same value in Shirley as the rest of the team has.

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