Then came Erich

Erich Kunstler

Erich FErich Kunstler is my World War 1 Vet. I decided on a whim that I wanted a character that was different from what people had seen at start up before. Now I know that some people probably had .30 cal MGs in their starting list but from the group who first introduced me to the game they all said they had never seen it. Therefore, I decided that I needed to do it! Turns out it was awesome! I decided to go with a model that looked like he was small and tough. I even gave him a cigarette handing out of his mouth while he blows away the enemies of Humanity! He fights relaxed. 😉

Erich R

I had also decided that I wanted my force to be from all over, as after all, this is supposed to be an elite spec ops force that has been brought together. Therefore I decided to make him a German World War 1 veteran that Threshold had recruited. He even has a head trauma that happened from one of my first games, which I found to be very fitting for a WWI veteran. I plan to max out his ability to deal with the big monsters that I know I will have to face as my squad gets sent on more dangerous missions as they prove their worth on the battlefield for the Earth and Human race! So far his most powerful vanquished is a Werewolf, which took him two actions of shooting to get through, but he managed to send that Werewolf packing back to the hell he crawled out of!

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