The Team Expands

Introducing Anastasia Zhukov

Anastasia F


I needed to expand my roster and have more than only a single character agent. I decided that I did not want to have a team of all men and so I added Anastasia Zhukov. I wanted her wielding two pistols. I therefore gave her a brace of .45 Colts and the two weapon fighting skill. She is great at taking out the groups of mobs. She is my anti spam character.


Anastasia R

I loosely based Anastasia off of Black Widow from the Avengers. I wanted a bad ass girl with no fear and crazy close quarters combat abilities. For now she has a knife and the brace of .45’s and I hope to give her a better close combat weapon and possibly even two once I have a chance to re-equip. I am hoping to give her some armour and perhaps make her a better shot than her measly starting skills. But for now she has done well for me!

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