Strange Aeons


Strange Aeons

1920, September 1: President Woodrow Wilson forms an elite governmental taskforce codenamed Threshold. Recruits range from law enforcement officers, military personnel, scientists, archeologists, doctors, librarians and regular civilians. All applicants have been thoroughly screened: mentally, physically and spiritually. Agents are given Double Black security clearance and rigorous training in self-defense, firearms, arrest theory and the occult.


This gives you the back drop of the game, you are taking command of a small task force of Agents to fight the enemies of humanity. You and your partner take turns commanding your Threshold force and the Lurkers (enemies of all that is good in the world) ranging from ghosts, undead, cultists, beasts (werewolves etc), Demons and much more! Your Threshold force is the one that gains new skills, equipment as well as injuries.

I am loving the character development and speed of Strange Aeons. Kyle from imaginary Wars introduced a bunch of us at a scotch and gaming night a couple weeks back. It was a fantastic success in my opinion. Lamb Shepards pie, scotch, good group of guys, commentated movies, strange creatures, and Threshold Agents made for an excellent night!

Introducing Jebediah hill!

Jebediah F

Jebediah Hill is who I have chosen to be the main character for my Threshold Team. He comes from the small town of Burnside Kentucky. Having grown up around the farm he is an excellent shot with his Imperial Winchester Bolt Action Rifle. His years of practice in the fields around the countryside have left him with lightning fast reflexes, giving him almost no delay between taking aim and dropping his target. As is required from all Threshold agents he is also skilled with a .45 Colt and his long knife.


Jebediah R

Unfortunately being from the wide open spaces that he is has left him a little nervous around enclosed spaces. As such he suffers from mild claustrophobia. Luckily his nearly fearless resolve means that most of the time he can hold himself together and stay focused on the hunt. Rarely will he succumb to his fears and react any more than a little sweat off his brow.



As long as there are things lurking just beyond our reality and traitors who would seek to bring them here, we shall be there waiting at the Threshold.
–President Wilson in a secret address.

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