Its a Forest out here!

Creating a Forest!

Our club needed some trees, and badly. Between both local gaming stores that we play at I believe we had a mere 20 trees. I decided that this wasn’t going to work and knew I had some time this weekend. Therefore, I created a forest. Or two more precisely. Howard had already done a bunch of forest templates for both stores but we still needed trees to put inside them! So far they were just area’s of heavy undergrowth but the lacked and real trees unless someone brought some from home.


Breaking the Monotony

 I did enough tree’s to get the REGIMENT to 40 trees for each store. I tried to vary up the different kind of trees so that we wouldn’t just have an overwhelming number of pine trees, as is so common. Therefore I put together a couple of different kind of pine trees that look quite different from one another. I also did some deciduous trees in order to break up the monotony of  pine forests.



We are getting there!

Our ultimate goal is to make sure no one needs to bring terrain to play. My next project will likely be to get some hills done for Imaginary Wars as we only have one hill there currently. We have managed to do crop fields, roads and trees for both Sentry Box and Imaginary Wars but now we need some hills for IW, since we only have some at Sentry currently. After the hills I may tackle some more crop fields or maybe even some more buildings as our club building selection is a little sad unfortunately. Plenty of gorgeous buildings when we bring our own personal ones from home but not much that we own at the stores right now.

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