Continuing the Tournament Circuit, This time for Dystopian Wars


On the left, Adams beautiful French which will be our ringer army if we have an odd number.

I had wanted to give a shout out to Adam’s Dystopian Wars Tournament coming up. If you have never had a chance to play Dystopian Wars then you should definitely give it a try. It is a fantastic naval game! It has air and land elements as well but since our club s entrenched in Flames of War we tend to only play with the naval and air elements. It has to be one of the most striking games I have ever seen visually when it is all laid out on the table top. The scale (1:1250) I believe, with the terrain and ships just looks amazing. Adam has also done some incredible boards to make your battles even more visually pleasing!

The information for his Tournament can be found here.

In short it is a scaling tourney, 600, 850 and then 1000 points. It is $20 entrance fee and on March 22. I believe it is filling up fast or even full, but you can always get on the waiting list as there always seems to be some cancelations.

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