Airbourne Invasion!

On the note of tournaments I have been talking a lot with my buddy Adam about themed events. Our group has adopted the random prizes that Kelowna does and as such a lot of our events tend to be more about having a great time and some competition but all the glory is in the trophies. Since the prizes are random we weed out the ultra competitive jerks. 😉 It also tends to create a better environment for everyone in, and those interacting with, the club.

This helped bring about the idea to have a tournament that focused on airbourne invasions. My first one is going to focus on the allies invading Normandy in Operation Market Garden. There will be three linked scenario’s. My twist is going to be that players will know what mission, and whether they are attacking or defending while designing their lists. They will be required to make 3 lists, one for each mission. What is more is that the outcome of each battle as a tournament wide team (axis vs allied) will make a slight variance on the next mission. I am still working out the finer details of how these will work but I have at least decided the 3 missions. The first mission is Death From Above to simulate the first paratroop landings, the second will be Seize and Hold to recreate the taking of key bridges. The last mission will be a Fighting withdrawal mission. The first two mission the allied players must take airbourne regiments and in the final mission they must play an armoured or mechanized list to simulate the British 30th Corp coming up Hells Highway. On the flip side; the Germans will be playing either fortified or infantry companies for the first 2 missions and may play any company for the final fighting withdrawal battle. I am still play testing this to make sure it all works but so far the theory has been solid. All companies will need to be selected from Market Garden or Bridge by Bridge.

The proposed date is for April 13th so keep the date free and get those airbourne ready. Stay tuned for more info! I will release more soon but wanted to at least get the bug out there!

2 thoughts on “Airbourne Invasion!”

  1. Great idea Bradford; I’m hoping that I can make the trip to Calgary more often to play in your great tournaments.

    I have one comment though; are you focusing on the allies invading Normandy in Operation OVERLORD or are you focusing on the allies invading HOLLAND in Operation Market Garden? I’m assuming you meant the latter considering the notes following.

    Yeah, I’m kind of a jerk, but knowing which one to build a list for will change it significantly!

    Also, do American Glider Riflemen count as airborne troops? They usually didn’t land directly into combat (unlike the British Airlanders) but I might want to build that list if this works out!

  2. Oops! That is what I get for writing this whike my students did a test. Distracted writing always has mistakes. Oops!!

    You are right, I meant Holland. I will release the list info later this weekend if all goes to plan. 🙂

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