The Kelowna Front

The Tournament season is almost upon us! There will be a bunch of tourney’s for many of the systems that the REGIMENT plays. Among them is one of the most exciting ones we partake in, the Kelowna Gaming Club tourney for Flames of War! This is always a great event, and one of the bigger ones since it draws from all of BC and all of Alberta for its player base.

The REGIMENT always loads up a group of us into Howie’s war wagon (well at least for the weekend) also known as a minivan that plays all sorts of war movies for the drive to Kelowna.

This year is looking to be bigger and better than ever! There are random prizes which is great for encouraging great games over cut throat competition. This is actually a practice that our REGIMENT has adopted as well. There are still trophies up for grabs, they are the symbols of glory and bragging rights for Western Canada’s Flames of War Community.

This year is going to be Late War, 1650 points on May 3rd. It is the reason I am painting up my winter challenge German Grenadier army. Be sure to stay tuned for more updates and email Glen to sign up!


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