In the Trenches

In the Trenches


     I have finally finished my first winter Grenadier platoon!! Took longer than I planned but now that Gabriel is a little older I am getting some more painting time in again. Cutting all those sandbags out and hand modelling them seems to be worth it in my opinion. I quite enjoyed the process, though admittedly more once it was finished! haha

To the left is the command team who is situated right in the middle of the platoons of seven Grenadier teams tucked snugly into their make shift sandbag wall to help them defend against the Communist invaders. (The list is out of Grey Wolf after all)

     It took quite a lot of work and I tried out several new painting techniques that I hadn’t before. I painted a lot more highlights and used a lot less washes this time around. It was an interesting change and I enjoyed trying something new. I also spent some extra time on the shoulder, army and collar patches of my teams which I usually don’t bother much with. I also tried to take some of the advice about snow and put in a  little less this time around. If you look at the top down pictures below then you will also notice that i tried to simulate mud in the bottom of the trench. I think that over all it turned out and does look like there has been some melting snow in the bottom due to all the traffic of the men. I can try to post more about the techniques if people are interested so let me know if you are and I will write something up. 🙂

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