Finding Your Inspiration

Finding Your Inspiration: From Spain with love!

     Any essential part of any hobby painter! 

          I thought I would share where I have been getting a lot of my inspiration for painting German infantry lately. I have fallen in love with the painting of Ruben Torregrosa, aka “HeresyBrush”. He is a painter out of Spain who does an absolutely fantastic job of things. What is even better, is that he is Spanish which gives me a chance to brush up on my Spanish. 🙂 Although I will admit that sometimes it is frustrating as all heck when I am tired and my brain will not switch between languages fast enough. But I am becoming a little better with my understanding which has been great.

The magazine shown here was the first English issue of the Spanish popular Painting War magazine. I picked one up as it featured Heresy Brush and his superb skills as a painter with a ton of photo’s and tips for adding great personalization and detail to your German mini’s. He also has a great range of video’s and painting guide’s on his Blog. Don’t worry there is plenty of info on other nations as well, I just watched an amazing painting video tutorial for British Infantry on his Blog earlier this week.

I first found Heresy Brush by admiring the train that he converted and painted on the Battlefront forums here. I then discovered all of the other work that he had completed, his blog and the magazine feature in the afore mentioned magazine, “Painting War”.

In closing I hope that you can find some inspiration when painting whether it be from Ruben, or your own idolized painter that you aspire to be more like. Either way it is an important part of growing yourself as a painter and making sure that you can stay motivated to improve and work through those unpainted mini’s that you are hiding. 😉

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