Getting back to it!

Hey Everyone!

Been a while what with a newborn and all! I am very slowly getting back into painting now that my son is just over 5 weeks old! Wow, I know everyone says, “where does the time go?” but seriously!

I wanted to get some pictures of the sandbags that I had previously mentioned for the first of my Grenadier platoons for my winter army for this seasons tournament ring. I plan to debut the army at the Kelowna Tourney in May and then run it through any other LW tourneys this season. It began with the cutting and crafting of far too many sandbags and I am not done… but I have at least done enough to simulate my platoon being in a snowing dug in sandbag trench-line. I am not sure if I am loving it but wanted to try something different from my previous trench line attempts with my Wiking SS and Maori.

I have a picture here of the sand bags on the bases, the infantry are nearly done and then I will be painting the bases and putting it all together with some snow. Stay tuned for the finish of the platoon and some insight to my current readings when it comes to painting. Those sandbags are a mix between the good old green stuff and some modelling putty I bought the last time that I was in Colombia. Between the two I have to say I love the cost of the Colombian stuff but it does take a little longer to set than the green stuff. šŸ™‚

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