It was all Early

First of all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you out there!!!

Winter was early and Christmas was early for my wife and I this year too. Our first son Gabriel was born 4 minutes early to us on December 18th. Here is a look at our newest member to the family and the Calgary REGIMENT. He was only 1 day old at the time of this photo.

Needless to say my painting has slowed down quite a bit. I am still hoping to get my first infantry platoon finished but have hit a bit of a stall. Because my wife had to have a C-section she is even more incapacitated than most new mothers in terms of needing to recover and so all of those everyday chores are landing on my shoulders in addition to all that comes with a newborn! haha. Therefore I am keeping busy and getting less time for painting in but still hope to get some done before the break ends and I am back to work.


On another note my brother and I had set together to make a bunch of various terrain pieces for my dad so that he has his own table to play on at his place. We did some forest templates with trees, wheat fields, buildings and 7, 2 foot square boards that have various hills etc built into them. The nice thing with them is that they fit together in 5040 different ways when making a 6 by 4 foot table! This doesn’t even include if you are rotating the boards, but simply accounting for which board goes where. Pretty cool design if I do say so. 🙂 Hopefully that will give him a good start on terrain for himself so that my brother and I can just bring out models now and not need terrain.

I will keep you updated as soon as I have a chance to continue with the painting!

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