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Winter has come to Calgary in the form of a Blizzard earlier this week. It was great as it gave me an extra couple days off school for snow days since the school I teach at is not inside the city we tend to have worse conditions on roads. We also tend to have better policies when it comes to cancelling school than the Calgary school boards who believe in school at all costs…

Ok, education rant over. And now for how winter has also arrived for my painting:

I have actually been switching back and forth between painting some Heavy Gear, who are desert themed, and my Winter Grenadiers. Nothing like some contrast in order to make sure that you stay sharp when painting! I managed to get my ridiculous amount of sandbags carved up but more on that next post. For this post I wanted to focus on the list construction for my fortified section of the list.

As you probably guessed it has 2 Grenadier platoons which are fortified, and a nasty set of 4 Pak 40s to ambush and push off enemy armour. Not to mention the fortifications.

Grenadier Platoon 1:
My first Grenadier platoon gets some added punch in the fortifications department. This platoon gets 4 trenches, a Quad Flak nest and a Pak40 Bunker just to add even more AT goodness. This platoon will also receive the Panzerschrek from the HQ giving it 8 teams instead of only 7.

Grenadier Platoon 2:
My second Grenadier platoon is the same as the first except it does not get the Bunker or the Panzerschrek attachment. It does however receive an HMG to still bring it up to 8 teams.

My thinking here is that one platoon will be able to take up a very obvious key strategic position (probably wherever I put my objective later and hopefully on a hill for the Pak40 bunker) while the second can provide a secondary strong point.

Pak40 AT Platoon:
The Pak40s provide me with a solid AT asset. While normally I prefer to have only 3 guns as a platoon with3 guns is more stable than a platoon with four when it comes to moral, however in this case I wanted more raw firepower.  These also make an excellent ambushing platoon as 4 medium guns with AT12 are sure to wreck any tank advance.

Extra Fortifications:
My Extra defences are limited but still extremely helpful. I have 6 extra trench lines to make sure that I can manoeuvre without taking concentrated fire from the enemy. The bulletproof cover will be extremely helpful in my ability to stay on the move in mobile missions. I have also included 2 boobytraps which are great for pinning some platoons which will force them to slow down (hoping they don’t unpin for at least one of the boobytraps.) If placed on a gun team I just may take a gun team with them as well. The last piece of the fortifications is the four sections of barb wire. These can be p[laced in no mans land which helps me again slow down the enemy before my deployment zone, which is key I find. Give my Pak 40s more time to rain death on them and allow my mobile reserve to show up. This should be particularly useful in games that are mobile battles where one objective must be take as it is undefended by either side.

I of course have three platoons in reserve to make sure that these three platoons are starting on the board in missions with reserves.

In my next update I will be sure to put some pictures of the far too many hand sculpted sand bags that I made.

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