Winter is Coming

I couldn’t resist…

However, it is coming for my Germans on the Eastern Front as well! I have decided that I wanted to try something a little different and give myself a bit of a challenge for modelling and painting purposes. I then realized that I haven’t done any theme besides winter for a long time. I also remembered that I had received no end of compliments back in my Warhammer days on my winter themed Wood Elves that I had done up. Therefore I decided I was going to go back into the winter theme.

The list itself centers around 2 main challenges or theme’s. First is the mechanized recon and assault force which we can talk about in another post. For now I have begun to focus on the core of the army, and that is the Two fortified Grenadier platoons which will be creating the core of the army and be capable of entrenching a significant amount of ground for me. I have broken the company into 6 platoons. 3 for the Fortified section, 1 cheap reserve and 2 for the mechanized recon and assault force. The list is still undergoing revisions though I am pretty sure that I am more or less happy with the fortified section. It consists, as I mentioned of 2 fortified gren platoons, some fortifications and 4 Pak40s for AT and ambush love.

That being said digging into and creating a winter theme on this scale was going to be a little more difficult and I am wrestling with how much “winter” to put into the bases. Do I want heavy snow, light snow and mud or somewhere in-between? I have done up a test command model and so far am fairly happy with it. I plan to have a split between snow uniforms (white), grey coats, and the unfortunate soldiers without either. I also decided to leave a decent amount of ground and grass cover showing in the base. I also elected to paint the edges brown as my usual theme and not sure if I love it. Therefore by all means I welcome all advice and criticism. I just ask that you keep it constructive! haha If you are going to say you love or hate it without a reason that doesn’t help me improve much.

I will talk more about the list and modelling of the platoons and bases later. For now I am sure you would like to see the test model and so without trying your patience further I figured I would show you what I have.

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5 thoughts on “Winter is Coming”

  1. Hey Brad,

    As usual, top notch painting.

    I’m not a huge fan of the base…there’s too much snow and not enough snow at the same time. It seems weird to me to have a huge pile of snow and then a grass patch.

    Regardless, I’m looking forward to seeing this army (even though fortified is lame lame LAME!)

  2. haha, thanks guys. I understand the base, I am not loving it either. I am working on the first Grenadier platoon and going to see what I can pull off to correct it. They are in a sandbag entrenchment so I was thinking of doing some mud directly behind the sandbags with snow around the edges and small patches in area’s of less traffic.

    As for the fortified, don’t worry Brandon the mechanized assault force is VERY mobile!!

    As for the painting, as I go through it please by all means give me advice as I have never done this before and am really trying to improve my painting with this project.

  3. If you want to do snow bases you need to avoid tall grass. It either sticks through the snow or is flattened by it if it is heavy enough but you wouldn’t see it under the snow.

    The other issue is scale. The irregular areas inside the snow itself are too large. 1:1 scale bubble instead of N scale 🙂

    Try doing a wash of watered down PVC glue over the baking soda mixture once it is a bit stiff to touch to try to reduce that.

    Snow will also be a standard depth across the area of a base. I’d put down a small touch of grass and then put snow around that. Try to keep the area around their feet clear of snow (so you don’t have the lack of footprints 🙂 and then cover most the the base with a consistent level of snow and it should look good.

    Snow is pretty tricky but really worth it

  4. Thanks Zac, I will attempt to take that more into effect in my next bases.

    I should have some more work done in a week or so. I just finished cutting out the ridiculous amount of sandbags that I needed to make the sandbag trench that the Grenadiers are in.

    I am not sure I understand what you mean by the 1:1 scale bubble instead of N-scale. Could you be more specific on that for me?

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