Remembrance Day Tanksgiving

 The fall tourney has come and gone and so has our Tanksgiving. Since I still haven’t received the pictures for the tournament I decided I would simply do something for our Tanksgiving event instead. 




Michael Wittmann’s Wild Ride And Point 213

We decided to do something a little different from the usual massive tank battle and do a themed tank battle. We went through the Wittmanns wild ride scenario in Village Boccage or Normandy Battles as well as the battle for Point 213. These proved to be great scenario’s that everyone enjoyed. Unfortunately for Wittmann he was stopped more times than he completed his mission to stop the 7th armoured column. However in Point 213 his company of Tigers were able to snatch victory from the 7th and claim the larger prize.

We ran the first scenario for Wittmann as a flip sides scenario. So each duo got a chance to play as Wittmann and as the 7th armoured in order to see who could be the ultimate commander.

Below are a few pictures of two of our tables for the Wild Ride Scenario:

photocrati gallery


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