Home Made Painting Rack

I was moving the painting room to a different one in order to make room for our first child in December when I decided I needed a better paint rack system. So I got out some old spare pieces of food and my drill and got to work.


The end creation turned out well enough. Between the two of them I can hold 75 paints. Should be plenty, but who knows, once I start filling it up it might not go as far as I was hoping.


Pretty easy really. Just screwed a few pieced of 2 by 6 together and then drilled out the holes after spacing them properly. Much cheaper than a lot of other options as well. I can fit the bottles either way but I prefer upside down because then I tend to never have to deal with straining to get the last little but of paint out.

Now I can get onto painting the Panzer IIs for the recce league and also the rest of my warmachine Menoth army.


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