A Little Wet…

So if you haven’t heard we haven’t been doing much gaming lately. There have been other pressing matters. This is a great perspective shot of downtown Calgary.


So as you can see, as a city we are fairly pre-occupied. Our group has not had any massive ramifications with the exception of Adams house being in an undetermined state right now since he was evacuated. Everyone else lives on higher ground thankfully. However this does not mean that we do not all have friends and sometimes family who are directly effected by the flooding of 2013.

I know that Geoff has also been extremely busy being the only man on the “right” side of the river in Cochrane. The rest of his co-workers were trapped on the other side of the river when it surged in Cochrane. He has been madly working to close roads and do what he can there.

Here is another aerial of Calgary, which while bad is perhaps not as bad off as High River which has probably been hit the hardest in Southern Alberta. However this is Calgary’s downtown, the circle is where my good friends home used to be…

An encouraging note to end on. The rush to volunteer and financially aid fellow Albertan’s from across the province has been amazing. I know at one time the statistic was that of the ~100 000 people displaced by flooding in Calgary only ~10 000 were in shelters. The rest had been taken in by friends and families in drier parts of the city. Seeing the way the city, small towns and province have banded together during this time has been an encouragement to say the least.

Hopefully next time you hear from us it will be much drier in Southern Alberta!

Stay safe, stay dry Alberta!

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    1. Hey Matty! Thanks man! Yeah folks are working day and night to get ready for Stampede! It’s amazing what can happen in a week!

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