Stand for the King!

Or should I say Kings!?

KT All


I had decided I wanted to do something entirely different and after collecting all 6 King Tigers or Tiger II’s that I needed I decided it would be a nice change of pace for the painting.

I was given three of the KT for Christmas last year and found the other three in Kelowna for a discount and couldn’t pass up the chance to get the full army and paint it up. The list is out of the Devils Charge book and has the 102 or (later the 502) SS Schwere Panzerkompanie under Peiper. Or at least temporarily under Peiper’s command. Personally I have never used any heavy armour and liked the idea of fielding an army that was exactly 1780 with a single combat platoon and 6 KT in total!

I have had a few games with them and they are a blast to play! Below are a few more pictures of them. Unfortunately as always the pictures never do them justice, especially with my poor photography skills.

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