Kelowna Bound and Ninjas.

David’s Alternate Tournament Personality.

Well we’re Kelowna bound this weekend to compete in the Kelowna Boys’ annual Flames of War Tournament!

We all look forward to this every year. We love the Kelowna boys (and beating them up). This year we have 6 of us going so it’s a decent representation. Kelowna is a great location too because it’s close enough that the Seattle boys and Vancouver boys can make it there too, though I haven’t heard if the Seattle boys are going yet or not. Guess we’ll see!

I’m excited to finally cut my teeth on a tournament with my new Americans, even if I wasn’t able to get every model painted to the degree that I’d wished I could. A lot of guys have really worked hard to make some seriously beautiful armies with fully themed terrain boards and basing. They look amazing! I’ll be sure to take a lot of pictures.

Shout out to our own David H who yet again managed to Stealth Bomb the tourney and attend at the very last minute! He’s riding up in the “Funvee” with the rest of us on the evening express. 😉

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