Meeting Updates

Hiya Guys,

So it’s been a while since we’ve made a post here, but rest assured we have been busy!

Today 7 of the club members met to talk about where we are going with the club and we came out with some great stuff, so if you are thinking of joining The Regiment than stay tuned because we’ve got a lot of new stuff on the horizon. Some of the items that we’re looking at include:

  1. Defining Membership Privileges: So we’re looking at expanding our support for our members. Some of the items that we’re looking at are discounts on event fees and orders made through some of our host stores for certain events, priority access to club terrain and tables for club nights, member-level access to our forums, invitations to member-only club events such as our D-Day event, etc.
  2. Adding in a calendar: We’re looking to get a little more organized and add a calendar to our website here shortly. That way folks can follow when/where we are going to be and join us on certain events or leagues!
  3. Quarter year-activities: So we’re looking at organizing ourselves so that in each quarter we have a focus. This quarter from July, August and September we’re going to be looking at organizing and running a Late War Reconnaissance League. Other quarterly events might be a slow-grow league for Early War period or a focus on Tank Aces, etc.
  4. Represent! I know that I’ve been somewhat lax in updating the blog here and keeping people up and up on what we’re doing, but I promise that I’ll take on my responsibilities as the Signals Officer seriously and update the blog on a regular basis. Some of the things that we’re looking at are posters and cards so that new folks that are interested in getting into the game can contact us easily, golf shirts to represent during tournaments and regularly updating the blog so folks know what we’re working on as a community.

Finally, check out our new logo. Hot, right?

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