The Battle for Carentan!

Carentan or Bust

I decided to put together a Carentan scenario this past weekend in order to break in the new additions to the 101st Airborne that we have seen in our club. We had roughly 4500 points on both sides fighting over the town of Carentan as well as the ridges surrounding the town. This pit the 6th FJ division and 17th SS against the US 101st Airborne as well as the 2nd armoured.

The Battlefield

The table had an L shape with the town of Carentan being the first part of the encounter and then a small marsh from flooded fields before reaching the boccage ridges on the opposite side where the 17th SS had dug in within the hedge rows, forcing the US paratroops to fight dearly for the ground they took.

The initial Carentan battle saw Easy and Dog company from the 101st move up the road to take the town while the glider troops came in from the right flank to try to envelope the single FJ company left to hold the town.

This then progressed into the boccage hedge rows where the 17th SS were prepared with armoured reserve to hold the paratroopers from going any further.


Below you can find some of the highlights as well as some pictures from the battle:


US Turn 1: The recce squadron from the glider troops moved along the main road to attempt to hold ambushes at bay, however the lead Greyhound hit a teller mine, leaving it a smoldering wreck.

German Turn 1: The Pak 36s fired from their positions at the other end of the road finishing off the rest of the reconnaissance squadron.

US T2: The Glider troops hurled over 40 burst into the houses on the right flank of Carentan causing no causalities to the entrenched FJ. However a lone bazooka man sent a single shell into the corner of a building crumbling the entire corner, burying the FJ squad positioned there.

Dog Company takes some ground on the front right flank while Easy is pushed off with a heroic 5 hits from the 6 potential shots. Forcing Easy Company to hold off.

German T2: One of the German sniper pins the 105 howitzers but fails to penetrate the gun shield.

Us T3: 2 Assaults from Easy Company are again stopped against the odds and Easy is left exposed and vulnerable for yet another turn. Luckily the Glider troops are able to take the right side or the right city quadrant and gain some ground getting extremely close to linking their line with Dog Company.

By roughly German turn 7 the FJ finally broke after putting up an incredible fight!

At this point all Paratrooper causalities are allowed to roll a normal save to see if they are either fixed up by the medics or if reinforcements are received for the second part of the assault on the ridges surrounding the town.

As the Paratroopers advance through the flooded fields to get to the boccage the Germans send bombardment after bombardment at the advancing paratroops inflicting next to no casualties despite a tremendous number of hits. Luckily their last remaining sniper kills three gun teams in as many turns as the 101st are advancing across the flooded fields.

As the 17th SS and the US Paratroops dig in around the boccage hedge rows it becomes the work of the artillery to create an opening. After several turns of firing back and forth Easy Company begins to push the left flank causing the remainder of the 6th FJ division to pull back and prepare for the coming assault.

As 1st and 2nd platoon from Easy company begin to cross the first set of hedge rows they receive a fiarly devastating bombardment from the 17th SS 105mm howitzers, however the US matches this with their own time on target bombardment against the 17th SS dug in on the right flank, killing several teams from a single platoon.

The true hero of Easy Company has to be Bazooka Joe who advanced from hedge row to hedge row taking out an entire platoon of German scout cars with only 4 shots. Missing only once.

We had to call the game due to time just as Dog company broke from the right flank and just before the 2nd armoured division to hopefully hold the US lines together against the dwindling but ferocious 17th SS and 6th FJ divisions.


All in all it was a great game and we are hoping to give it another try sometime soon!



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