Reinforcement Missions Complete


I may add a few tweaks if something is glaringly unbalanced but otherwise we have the three missions for the Reinforcements doubles event coming up in just a few days.

Cross the Rhine

V1 Rockets

Prisoner Escort

Click on the links above to download the PDF version of the missions. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the missions or if there is anything that does not make sense. Contact me if something has been really unbalanced that I somehow missed.

Lastly, Do not forget to get your lists to me by Friday at noon. Send them to:   See you all Saturday!

*If you want to show up to Imaginary Wars on Friday night I will be there probably running through one of the missions so feel free to come drop by and play an extra game if you’d like or to just hang out.*

3 thoughts on “Reinforcement Missions Complete”

  1. Just a quick question on the V1 Rocket mission. On Firing the rockets, is it both teams that get to fire V1’s, the attacker, the defender, Herr Hitler? Whom exactly, has control of the V1’s?

  2. Sorry, I must have not made that clear. It is the defender. They can fire one V1 per turn. 🙂 Is fun, I tend to blow up my own guys as often as the enemy with my V1s haha!

    I will update the file for the mission.

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