Reinforcements: The missions!

First of all the massive amount of interest has seen the event already fill up to 12 people! As such I am going to expand the event to hold 16. So if you haven’t signed up already then do so quickly!

Now for the missions! Ok, well it is only one of them and a few details on the others. But here is the first one! It is downloadable as a PDF here)

Cross the Rhine!


You have come to the Rhine River and must seize and hold the bridge heads before the enemy can! You have been tasked with controlling as many river crossings as you can (marked with a X), pushing the enemy off the crossings and securing them for your own forces will ensure that you are properly supplied for future operations.









Mission Special Rules

Cross the Rhine uses the Meeting Engagement (page 264) special rule, Take the crossings at all costs! (see below)

 Take the crossings at all costs!:

  • This Battle ignores the first platoon lost on both sides for the purposes of victory points.
  • Both armies receive all bonuses that normally require attacking and/or defending. ie: Pioneer supply vehicle fortifications, British Rifle Company Night attacks, Spearhead moves etc
  • Objectives and Victory points are not standard for this mission. Objectives are the 2 Bridges and the 2 Fjords. In order to capture a Bridge you must be the only player with a model at least partially on the bridge. To capture a Fjord you must be the only player with a model within 4″ of the Fjord. (They can be contested just like normal objectives) Victory Points are awarded on a counting scale of 1 VP for each crossing that is held using standard objective taking rules (to a maximum of 9 points. when the mission ends.)

Preparing for Battle

  1. Both players roll a die. The player with the higher score chooses one of the long table edges to attack from. The other player takes up positions on the other long table edge as the Defender.
  2. Each player can deploy along their table edge and up to 12″ in. Both players, starting with the attacker, alternate deploying their platoons.
  3. Both players, again starting with the attacker, deploy warrior and independent teams.

Beginning the Battle

  1. Starting with the attacker, both players make Reconnaissance Deployment moves for any Recce teams they have on table.
  2. Both Players now roll a die. The player who finished deploying their platoons first adds +1 to their roll. The player with the higher result has the first turn. In the event of a tie, roll again.

Ending the Battle

The battle ends after 8 turns or when:

  • Either player has seized control of enough river crossings to receive 9 victory points

Deciding Who Won

The player with nine bridge crossing points has secured the bridges long enough to force the enemy to retreat.

Calculate your victory points by receiving the number of victory points equal to your bridge crossing points. If you are the winner then reduce your victory points by 1 for having 2 platoons lost and by 2 for having 3+ platoons lost. (the first lost platoon is free due to the intensity of the fighting.)

The Other two missions will involve a version of Surrounded with V1 Rockets for the defender and a move the prisoner play-through type of mission. Will get them up as soon as the final details are finished!

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