Reinforcements: Clarifications

Reinforcements! — An event to blend the vets with the rookies

Casualties have been suffered, brothers in arms have fallen, been captured or injured. Regiment has finally answered your call for reinforcements and they have been flooding in with enthusiasm and vigor.  As commanding officer of the company, Regiment has entrusted you with ensuring that they are not added to the casualty list.  


If you missed the first post check it out here in order to get all the information.


Otherwise read on for some clarifications on force construction and missions:



Force Construction:

2 Companies are chosen (one for each player) Totaling either 1000 each or 1050 and 1100 using the Reinforcement rules specific to this event. If you are unsure of whether your team qualifies for the reinforcement rule then please contact me either on our boards, directly via email: or in the comments section of this post.

Only one force may take Air support

Companies are not required to follow strict political boundaries but will receive benefits if they follow a Holy alliance. A Holy alliance is any axis nation with another axis power, a Western ally with another western ally (ie: Brit with US etc), or Soviets allied with another Eastern ally. An Unholy alliance is considered to be Soviets allied with anyone other than Romanians, allied player with an axis power. Below are the differences in rules for Holy and Unholy Alliances.

  1. Holy alliances may have their Higher Command team (if paid for via the first post rules) join platoons from either company.
  2. Holy alliances may count their entire force as a single company for purposes of company moral and reserves
  3. Unholy alliances obviously cannot do the above 2 things.
ie: a force with one Soviet player and one Finish player would NOT be allowed to have the higher command team join both forces. They also would also need to take company morals separately and have reserves separately. This means that if they both had 5 platoons they would only start with 4 on board. (2 each) whereas a Holy alliance of a British and US player could start with  any five platoons on the board. (all on player or a combination of both)


Holy Alliances list:
Two British Companies
Two American Companies
One British, One American
*note British can either be British or commonwealth companies
Two Soviet Companies
Two Romanian (allied) Companies
One Soviet, One allied Romanian Company
Any 2 axis companies
If I missed one and you’re wanting to compose it then just ask me. This is not a comprehensive list but examples of the most common ones.
*NOTE: Any rules that pertain to a single nationality would work for both companies so long as both companies were of the same nationality (ie both could use one companies AOP etc)



I will releasing the custom missions as soon as possible. The first is done and I just need to do the write up which will happen after this week since it is my last week of practicum. The first mission is a river crossing mission that will favour mobility.

There will be two mobile battles and one defensive battle. I will release them as soon as I am able to do a write up. This should give everyone a chance to practice these missions.

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  1. If I have to capture fjords I want either Vikings or midget submarines. And what if the Bismarck is hiding in one of them? Oh, you meant fords 😉

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