4000 Points of Tank Fun (Soviets vs. Germans)


Thats alot of tanks!

Well guys here is my first attempt at adding content to the blog.  I figured a great place to start would be some footage of our game two weeks ago.  In this battle we had two soviet tank battalions square off against two german tank companies.  We decided that only ground vehicles would be allowed in build up for tanksgiving.  Each side had 4000 points.  I apologize for the blurry photos they were taken with a phone and this was more of an impromptu thing.  Army break down was as follows:


11 Pumas, 3 StuGs, 8 Panzer 4’s, 3 Tigers, 3 Panthers, 3 Rocket Launchers, 1 King Tiger,  1 Pak 40.


20 T-34’s (of various types), 5 IS-2s, 10 Valentine Mark8’s, 8-SU 122’s, 3 ISU 152’s, 5 SU-100’s, 5 T-70’s

So Soviets won the first term and did a general advance.  Only casualties were some unfortunate pumas.

Waves of Soviets!

The battle continued to rage over the next two turns with the germans exchanging fire with the wall of soviet tanks.  In turn 2 the germans managed to crumble most of the right flank causing the SU-122’s to flee from the battle leaving the t-70’s alone at the mercy of the stuG’s.  The pumas in the center continued to be unlucky as the Su-122’s in the center continued to roll a string of sixes.  Distraught by the casualties the CO in the Puma did a tactical retreat backwards and managed to strand himself on a brick wall.  All was not lost as he managed to commandeer a King tiger tank and cowed vengeance.  On the left flank the soviets whittled down several T-34s but the sheer volume of Soviet fire caused the skirmishing Panzer Iv’s to buckle, leaving the tigers alone to face the onslaught.


Turn 4 Saw a veritable blood bath on the board as the forcast for showered metal shrapnel monsooned the board.  The germans returned with a vengence this turn causing the right flank to crumble and break.  The StuGs and other fire caused all of the T-70’s to go up in smoke while the CO in his new King Tiger personally destroyed two ISU-152s.    In the center the T-34’s pushed forwards breaking cover and firing blindly as they followed their commander (no casualties).  The Germans on the left flank drove off a full company of T-34 tanks leaving the slow-moving valentines exposed to the tigers.  However luck would favour the IS-2s allowing them to destroy all but one tiger tank!  The SI-122s also started their sneaky out flanking

Turn 4 – Right Flank

Turn 4 – Left Flank


Turn 5 – 6  saw the game come to a stunning conclusion.  The Germans managed to continue to inflict heavy casualties on the Left flank but the soviets maintained their moral and continued to fight.  In the center the Axis were forced to reroute many of their forces towards the left flank to prevent the soviets from overrunning the objective there.  This left them at the mercy of two forces that concluded the game.  The first was the sinister brick wall of doom that marooned not only the king tiger but also several other tanks.  This left them open to crossfire from the flanking Su-122’s which destroyed a massive 4 tanks in turn 6!  With the majority of their force destroyed the German commander decided on a tactical withdrawal to save what forces he had left.

End Game – Left Flank


Alternate End Game Shot

 Altogether a great experience and a good diversion from the regular games.  If you want to see more of this kind of post leave me a comment.  I also plan on doing a tactical series sometime in the future time permitting.

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