Reinforcements! — An event to blend the vets with the rookies



Reinforcements! — An event to blend the vets with the rookies

Casualties have been suffered, brothers in arms have fallen, been captured or injured. Regiment has finally answered your call for reinforcements and they have been flooding in with enthusiasm and vigor.  As commanding officer of the company, Regiment has entrusted you with ensuring that they are not added to the casualty list.  


The Doubles event of 2013 has arrived! The name of the game is a doubles event focused on the concept of reinforcements. What this means is that it is a spin on your typical doubles event. Teams will be given 2000 points (1000 points each) to build their combined force of two companies. All normal rules for list building are in effect. However here is the catch. If you are a veteran (played consistently for over a year) and you pair yourself with a reinforcement (played for less than a year)  then you will both get a bonus! Instead of 1000 points for your company you will get 1050 as the veteran and 1100 as the rookie.



  1. 1000 point companies (1050 and 1100 for the teams meeting the reinforcement criteria, ie: ONLY when a vet and a rookie pair up.)
  2. One Higher command team may be purchased from either list
  3. No points sharing
  4. Combined arms will be a HUGE asset in this event so I highly recommend having at least one platoon of: infantry, armoured vehicles (anything with armour 0 or better), transports for your guns, recce, AA, and artillery of some sort in your combined force. (as in at least one platoon between the two of you)
  5. Your army must be LW and from the following books: Turning Tide, Earth and Steel, Cassino, Grey Wolf, Red Bear. If you are curious as to whether a PDF list is allowed then check with me.



  1. January 5th (Saturday) at 9am. 830 Briefing.
  2. Imaginary Wars:  10233-150 Elbow Drive SW, Calgary Alberta, T2W-1E8. Phone: 587-351-1939.
  3. Registration needs to be done in teams and your spot will not be held until both team members have paid.
  4. There will be a 12 man (6 team) cap on this event. However if there is sufficient interest then we have room to expand.
  5. Registration can be paid to Imaginary Wars either in store or over the phone with a credit card.



The cost for the event will be $25 per person, however Imaginary Wars has graciously agreed to eat $5 of entry fee for REGIMENT members. (Contact me if you are wanting to join the REGIMENT prior to the tournament in order to find out about our other perks for joining.)



This event will have themed tables and so normal victory points will not be used but rather table / scenario specific rules will apply. There will also be a set of secondary objectives for each mission where teams can earn bonus tactical points for completing their secondary objectives. This is also why I strongly recommend a combined arms approach to your army selection. Some of the missions will be difficult if you do not have several elements of the armed forces. (ie: infantry only or tank only forces may struggle in some missions)


 Pre-Tournament Scramble Deal:

If you are looking to order something before the tournament, whether for the tourney or not, then Kyle at Imaginary wars has set up a special deal for us! As long as the order is in before December 7th then you will receive double the points on your order! Thanks for this Kyle! In order to take advantage of this offer be sure to mention the Reinforcements event to receive your double points!

Here is Imaginary Wars contact information:

Address: 10233-150 Elbow Drive SW, Calgary Alberta, T2W-1E8
Phone: 587-351-1939
Web Address:
Mon-Thurs: 11am – 8pm
Fri: 11am – 8pm
Sat 11am – 7pm
Sun 11am – 5pm

Just as a heads up this is how the points system at Imaginary Wars works:

10 points for every dollar spent (before GST) are earned and a bonus 750 points are given to you with your first purchase.

When certain benchmarks are attained ,points can be cashed in for store credit as such:

2500 pts can be redeemed for $10 in store purchases
4000 pts can be redeemed for $20 in store purchases
6500 pts can be redeemed for $40 in store purchases
8000 pts can be redeemed for $60 in store purchases
9500 pts can be redeemed for $75 in store purchases
11,000 pts can be redeemed for $100 in store purchases


Contact Info for Event Organizer:

Bradford Stretton

Questions can be directed to me either via email or the forum. Looking forward to seeing you all in the new year!

8 thoughts on “Reinforcements! — An event to blend the vets with the rookies”

  1. This sounds awesome! Question though; will the tables still be balancedish…I understand that a good combination of forces is important (isn’t that the key to FoW anyways) but will certain companies (eg. tanks) be unnecessarily handicapped (eg. by having all difficult terrain tables that slow AND bog you down)? That will make a huge difference as the last tourney I played in had some stupid tables that heavily favoured an infantry company…

  2. Me too man! I am really enjoying planning this one. I may need some help play testing some scenarios over the Christmas break for those that are interested.

    This should be a blast of an event so get your registration in soon!

  3. Hey Brandon!

    I have already thought about these scenarios a fair amount and plan to make them most suited when their is a combined force. I will be sure to play test and ensure that one particular type of army is not penalized.

    For instance, one table will be a seize the river crossings. In this mission some crossings will best be taken and held by infantry and others by tanks.

    As well I will have secondary objectives, some of which will be impossible to achieve if you do not have the combined arms approach to this event.

    If you are in the Calgary area and want to help me play test the missions over Christmas you are more than welcome. 🙂

  4. Thanks for the input. The only thing that strikes me as a potential stumbling block is that infantry companies can still have a good advantage as they usually get the same choices in tanks but don’t have to take so many if they don’t want to!

    How do we register for this event as well? I’m sure it’s in the post, but for the life of me I just can’t find it right now…

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