Project America: Complete!

My hellcats are among my favourites in this army. Demon and Judy II are sure to take many German tanks as prizes.

Wow! That was insane! I am SO glad that I’m done this project! I am also REALLY pleased with the results. So here they are, in 25 days I’ve managed to chew my way through assembling, painting and completing 79 models for my 1000pt Armored Rifle Company for the Vancouver Doubles Tournament this weekend.

Dr. Faust’s Painting Clinic was instrumental in helping me in this project as I used his videos for painting American Sherman Tanks and American Airborn Troops. Even though it’s not hugely historically accurate to have the American Airborn uniforms for basic grunts, I wanted a bit of colour differentiation in my army and I figured I could reason it away with them being the American 1st or 2nd Armored Division that was in Italy late during the way.

I simply LOVE the bases. With spackling, 5 layers of drybrushing and then 3 different layers of flock and static flock I felt that the bases really came together looking quite organic and natural.

Using the Vallejo Brown and Dark washes over the models, especially in the spots with weapons or boots really brought depth to each figure. I feel like every stand is completely unique mini diorama all on their own.

I spent some extra time with the vehicles, ensuring to layer the weathered decals between layers of future floor polish which actually acts as a surfactant for the washes, forcing them into the recesses away from higher, broad and flat areas. Same for the washes on the troops. I heavily mixed water with the VJ washes to create an almost pearlescent quality to the washes so that I was able to still achieve a semblance of the kind of ‘candy coat’ finish that I like on my models even though I was using a matte varnish in order to reduce gloss.

Overall I’m just pleased as punch over the results and I’ve now got a VERY solid core of my Americans finished! HUGE thanks to Dr. Faust for providing the videos, to my buds at The Calgary Regiment for playtesting and just being generally supportive when I was bitching in the middle of this project and my very understanding girl Crystal. I’ve no idea why she loves nerds but I’m quite happy that she does!

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6 thoughts on “Project America: Complete!”

  1. You should post an army list too!

    Congrats…I can’t believe you did it all in 25 days…did you do anything else and/or sleep? My Ami Glider Rifles have almost a platoon done that I’ve been working on for a few weeks…

    1. Thanks! I’ll post an army list after the tournament.

      Shockingly I did have the opportunity to do a few things in my spare time, though not nearly as much as normal. Basically the way it worked out, I had to do a little over 3 models each day in order to make the tournament deadline. So the way I’d work it out was I painted a minimum of 2 hours a night on weeknights (Often 3 or more) and on the weekends I spent most of my Saturdays and a good chunk of my Sundays making up for lost time through the week.

      Two of the tools that I found VERY useful was creating a separate Google Calendar with my painting schedule on it and using Evernote to list all of painting steps and colours of my models. Those really helped me speed through things and I do that with all of my projects now.

      Just keep at your Glider Rifles, you’ll get em. If you have a painting station that is always set up you’d be amazed at how much painting you get done in those lost ‘spare’ moments when you are waiting for stuff. Like dinner to be ready or the missus to be finished in the bathroom. 😉

  2. Jesus Christ thats a lot of halftracks! Looking great Adam. I am doing kind of the same thing with my Soviets, Petawawa tourney is in less than 2 weeks and I have “only” 14 more tanks to go!

    1. Ha hah. Yeah. That was a bit of a crazy project but the results were great! 🙂 Good luck at the Petawawa tourney! Man I love playing those boys! You can totally do 14 tanks in 2 weeks! 🙂 Post pics on Dice Devils when your done, yeah?

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