Project America turns into Project OMFG!

Holy hanna, I have a LOT of work to do in the next month!

Brad and I have decided to fly over to Vancouver for the Doubles Tournament that is taking place on the Remembrance Day weekend and because I am bored as hell of playing my Germans (don’t get me wrong, I love my Germans, they are amazing. It’s a HUGE army now and they are great) and had planned to have my Americans well on there way by now, I decided to make them a priority for the Doubles tournament.

Except I hadn’t planned on having to paint a total of 3 full Armored Rifle Platoons (yup, 19 models each, including the Half Tracks). With support elements it means I have a total of 76 models to finish before the tournament on the 11th.


So when I finished putting all of the models together on my display board it looked like a bewildering amount of infantry and half tracks. Which is awesome from a purely gaming perspective. That is a hell of a lot of troops for any force to get through! But it also means that I’ve definitely got my work cut out for me. I basically have to finish between 3-4 models per evening without a break until the tournament.

think this might go easier than I initially think but I’ll let myself breathe the sigh of relief when I’ve got some work behind me. But for now I’ve got a total of 4 test models finished (3 stands of infantry and a half track) and the rest of the first ARP is about halfway finished. Fortunately I’m following a painting scheme that is really easy for the troops and the extra time I spend on vehicles (which look pretty damned good, if I do say so myself) can be easily cut down by doing the vehicles in batches rather than one offs.

It may kill me, but the challenge is on!

3 thoughts on “Project America turns into Project OMFG!”

    1. Heh. Awesome! One of our buddies has a really nice Mid War Churchill force. It’s scary to face!

      Yeah, I’m working on a second ARP today. We’ll see how far I’ll get. An hour down and I’ve already got bases done for the whole platoon, so that’s a good start at least.

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