Soviet Armour Advance!


Project Lehr has officially been put on a complete hold in order to make way for my new niche, Soviet armour and lots of it! I have been feeling the need to get some armoured forces mixed into our club lately and while the Germans have some fun toys they do not have the fun toys with the numbers. I also wanted to push ahead with more allied armies as it always seems that there is an unbalance in our group and events with us always having more Axis and particularly German players.

Therefore, the Soviet armour was where I turned my eyes and I began to fall in love with everything about them, simple yet effective tanks with some fun toys and the numbers to back it up! Give everyone SMG escorts and watch as your hoard of Tanks rolls across the battlefield!

There are so many amazing vehicles to begin with. I decided to start with the T-34s. Though I am also looking at SU-122s, ISU-122s, IS-2 to round things out for LW and some KV-85s and T-70s for MW. But as I said, I began with 10 T-34s. I won 5 from the REGIMENTS tourney in September and then picked up a box of T-34s from Plastic Soldier Company and have included a small product review.


Plastic Soldier T-34 box set Product Review:

Overall the product is fantastic, as so much of the Plastic Soldier Company things are. I have broken things into a simple pros and cons list so that you can draw your own opinions without sifting through my ramblings:


  1. Cheap! –> $28.50 for 5 T-34 tanks!!
  2. Versatility! –> Includes T-34/76 and 85 turrets. This means you really get 10 tanks (76s for MW and 85s for LW) for the price of $28.50!
  3. Customizable –> The stowage is completely customizable in that you can add it wherever you would like. More pieces means more customization.
  4. Light –> I like that my case does not always weigh in at a ton. My German case gets stupid heavy when I am bringing all the tanks and vehicles! (If this bothers you add some weight inside the body of the tank.)


  1. Tracks –> These tracks are brutal to put together without having a gap that looks as though your tracks were just hit by a tank shell. However I did find that there was a right and wrong way to put them together and if you put it in backwards you were going to get this gap. Put it together the right way (very subtle difference) and you had little to no gap between the top and bottom half of the track anymore. unfortunately I discovered this on my last tank and was not going to try to rip them apart to try again.
  2. Crew –> There is only one crew figure which means you end up with an army of clones popping out of your tank hatches if you use them in every model.
  3. Less Gear –> The amount of stowage and gear is less on the models but you can always add more from your kits or mix your tanks with some Battle Front ones in order to provide variety.

Over all, I loved the product and found that when mixed with my BF ones that they look really sharp. Now to get them painted!

2 thoughts on “Soviet Armour Advance!”

  1. Good stuff Brad.
    Agree with your assessment of the PS models.
    Soviet armor lists are in flux ATM. The new T-34/85 costs and HC changes have really changed how they are played. I actually stopped playiing my Soviet armor locally. Too many groans about how overwhelming they are.

  2. They certainly are different now!

    Not sure how I feel about groaning about overwhelming… I tend to view those as opportunities to become better and learn some new strategies.

    Plus I believe that Western Canada could use more Tank armies. There is a serious love for the infantry, which is great but Tanks are fun and viable as well.

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