Rense System Navy


With the new venture into Firestorm Armada I decided to jump on board and begin the Rense System Navy. They appealed to me in terms of their capabilities and their fluff. They are essentially the head of a paramilitary organization known as the Zenian League. A group started in order to ensure that Commander Rense maintains some power and not allow the Drindenzi to have all of it. Rense builds ships for the Drindenzi but his personal fleet is the Rense System Navy.

Because of this the ships have the similar massive fire-power fixed to the fore with their rail guns. However, the RSN ships are much sleeker than the Drindenzi ones. In addition they have some flank fire-power while the Drindenzi have virtually none. They also have a variety of very good Medium class ships which really drew me to them. I liked the idea of more frigates / cruisers / destroyers than battleships and dreadnoughts.

The Cerebus Heavy Cruisers will be one of my heavy hitters. Three of these guys come in with more fire-power than most dreadnoughts for less points. They are, of course, more fragile as well but that is why we have three of them, backed with a plethora of other small and medium hull sized threats. Unfortunately my pictures did not turn out the best this time as my wife was not here to take them for me since she is the photographer, but non-the-less you will get the idea. The blue and orange colour scheme are purely because I like them btw. 😀


ps. Happy Birthday to me!


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4 thoughts on “Rense System Navy”

  1. I would not think orange and blue could go so well together but the ship looks great. Wish I could paint that well.

    1. Hey Aric,

      Actually opposing colours on the colour wheel tend to go together quite well. A tool used in marketing (my dayjob) is linking blues with golds. You’ll see it a lot in movie posters. Statistics show an increase in sales on items that have that colour linking and the thought is that it’s indicative of a sunset or open sky (gold sun, blue sky) and thus the human psyche has a natural attraction towards it.

      Unfortunately in Brad’s case it means that we’d drift closer to his ships like moths and get shot in the face. 😉


      ps. I activated your forum username. Happy posting!

  2. Thanks for the compliments guys! I have finished the entire Squadron now. Unfortunately the rest of the Navy will have to wait until I am back from NWT on the 27th.

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