The Rack by Back2Base-ix

The Straight Long Section with Drawer Upgrades and the Small Tool Rack

So I kind of went all out about three weeks ago and went in on The Rack deal by Back2Base-ix. Some of you might wonder why I spent over $300.00 on a paint organizer but I had some good reasons.

The first being that my original painting station was located in the basement of our 1912 dated home is something that the Blair Witch would have been jealous of and while it would be a great location for filming a B movie horror it’s not the most pleasant place to spend hours painting little toy soldiers.

So I’ve been painting for a couple of months now up in the corner of the main living area where my computer desk is located on a rickety old desk I got from Kijiji for free and a giant coffee table. While it certainly served my purposes it was a bit of an eyesore, space was at a premium and it wasn’t the best for organizing my projects, especially given that it had to share space with my laptop computer and monitor.

So around the time I got my new laptop I also got an L-shaped computer desk with the intent of matching the Rack that I’d ordered.

If you are thinking of organizing your workspace I couldn’t recommend this product more! While the acrylic versions are expensive, they are a very high quality and have just about every option available to you.

I ordered 7 pieces. The original 5 that come in the deal (A straight long section, 2 internal 90 degree corners and 2 external), the upgrade on the straight section to house 2 drawers, a 4 drawer system and a small tool rack.

The part that I was especially impressed with was that you can specify for each modular section what colour  you want the base to be, what colour the actual racks will be and what kind of

Straight rack on right with internal corner (middle) and external on left.

paints you want them to house (Games Workshop, Vallejo, GW Hex, P3, etc). This was a perfect option for me as I use 4 different lines of paints depending on what kind of effect I want and this system would allow me to house all of my supplies in a neat and orderly manner.

each module can snap together with the next via a rare earth magnet system and once everything is together it looks quite slick indeed! I was even able to organize all of my paints by shade so I didn’t have to go hunting around in paint boxes.

6 thoughts on “The Rack by Back2Base-ix”

  1. Hey there Adam,

    I can very much understand why you bought that! i fell in love with it since the first time ive seen it online… only problem i have is the shipping from NZL… for now i own a couple of german laser cut racks, but they are not nearly as good as those babies are 🙂

    1. I had the same concerns but they offered a free shipping deal for a small increase in cost. You end up saving money overall which is nice and I was surprised that my order showed up within 3 business days. Win win.

  2. Discovered Back 2 Base-ix last year when I was starting to get back into the hobby after a break.

    I was really impressed with some of their ideas, such as their Battle Frame 5000 line – seriously why hasn’t someone thought of this sooner???

    I recently purchased a set of their paintbrushes from eBay. An absolute joy to use, and the idea of using the handle to store the brush itself – absolute genius! My brushes live in my rucksack now, have a look at, and see what I mean.

    Both Battle Frame 5000 and The Rack are certainly on my to-do list in the very near future. Your review of The Rack is certainly pushing me towards opening my wallet!

    1. You should dude. Seriously, it’s expensive yeah but when you consider the amount of money that we spend on models Anderson amount of time that we spend on the painting table it really is a worthwhile investment. It has really changed the way I go about my projects. So much easier to find stuff now.

  3. Beautiful setup. I am ready to pull the trigger on this as well and wondered since I am Canadian as well.. were there any import duties on this! TIA

    1. Yup, there sure work. I think it was $50 or $60 even because it was shipped by DHL.

      Now, that being said, I can honestly say that my workspace(s) are SO much more organized, clean and nice looking. I have my primary painting station right in the middle of my living room and dare I say it looks quite good. I highly recommend.

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