Battle Report: Mid-War Battaglione Bersaglieri Italians Versus British Heavy Armoured Squadron

Another Monday Night Fight and Brad and Adam are eager to get back into Mid-War in preparation for our upcoming September Tournament. We were the only ones at this MNF as it’s the middle of summer and most folks are away on holidays right now. So we figured that we would take our time and do up a proper battle report. Adam: Pretty sure that I want to take a British desert company with Grants. Back in our Kelowna tournament I won a box of 5 Grants and haven’t had a chance to field these bad boys yet so figured the upcoming Mid-War Tournament would be perfect to cut my teeth on them. I’ve always loved the idea of a heavy armoured column and since the club here tends to prefer very heavy infantry armies I wanted to break things up and take a list that was a full tank company. I haven’t ever played a tank company so I figured that I would have a bit of a learning curve ahead of me, but I’m very much looking forward to it. My list is pretty simple, though I’m sure it’ll go through an evolution as we get closer to the tournament. Here is how my company looks:

HQ 1iC and 2iC in Grants with AA MGs on each: 195pts

Combat Platoons

3 Grants with AA MG upgrades: 295pts

3 Sherman IIIs with .50cal AA MGs: 355pts

Weapons Platoons

3 Crusaders: 1 Command Crusader II CS, 2 Crusader IIIs: 160pts

3 Crusaders: 1 Commander Crusader II CS, 2 Crusader IIIs: 160pts

Divisional Support

1 Scout Patrol: 3 Universal Carriers w extra Hull Mountain MGs 1 w .50cal: 115pts

Royal Horse Artillery Battery w 4 25 pounders: 245pts

Light Anti-Aircraft Platoon: 3 Bofors: 100pts

Total: 1625pts.

Tactics: My thought is to move the Crusaders around the flanks while the Scouts can lift Gone to Ground and work on troops. The Crusaders can also provide direct fire smoke when need be. The Grants will be relied upon along with the Shermans to act as the strong centre of my army, taking care of the brunt of the enemy’s lines while the 25 pounders soften them up from a distance. We shall see how it does against Brad’s Italians.

Brad: The Italians were my first army when starting FOW and it will be nice to return to them for the September Tournament. I always value the strong Bersaglieri Company’s as they just have everything you need in them and are 16 stands strong! The list may change a bit but here is what it looks like so far.


1iC and 2iC rifle teams: 30pts

Combat Platoons

Bersaglieri company: 7 rifle/mg, 3 HMG, 3 Solothurn AT rifle, 3 47/32 AT guns, Pasaglia bombs: 380pts

Bersaglieri company: 7 rifle/mg, 3 HMG, 3 Solothurn AT rifle, 3 47/32 AT guns, Pasaglia bombs: 380pts

Weapons Platoons

Medium mortar pllatoon w/ 3 mortars: 100pts

Divisional Support

Light Tank Company: 3 L6/40 tankettes 90pts

Captured Artillery Battery w 4 25 pounders: 205pts

Light Anti-Aircraft Platoon: 2 20/65 AA Guns: 60pts

Demolisher Platoon: 4 pioneer rifle teams, 1 pioneer flame thrower team, 1 supply truck: 140pts

Motociclisti Platoon: 5 rifle/mg teams with pasagolia bombs: 130pts

Heavy AA Platoon: 1 90/53 gun with extra crew: 110pts

Total: 1625pts.

Tactics: The plan was simple. Use the mine field and heavy AA to deny access to certain areas of the map. Add in the 25 pounders (really just there for AT value and the ability to do something when not direct firing) and we can create some serious areas of control. I would then use one Bersaglieri company for each object (one in ambush and the other on the move to cover the vulnerable objective) Then I would use the motociclisti and tankettes to create some distractions with my reserves in order to slow the advance giving my pioneers and Bersaglieri platoon that would be on the move time to set up on the other objective. The pioneer supply vehicle would then allow them to dig in and hold the monastery and vineyard from the advancing British Armour.

Setup: We randomly rolled our mission and came up with Counterattack. Since my Bersaglieri Company is an auto defend company I was able to defend and place that free minefield to restrict movement even more.

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