Man, I love it when you finish a project! Being the only one of our group who will be able to make it for the Kamloops tournament, I felt I had to represent with a decently put together army. So after much deliberation I narrowed it down to two lists, a Gepanzerte Panzergrenadier list that was pretty vanilla with the exception of a King Tiger tank or a Panzerspah list that featured a boatload of Pumas as well as the King Tiger. I called it my ‘Big Cat, Little Cats’ list.

I had a bit of extra time and decided to make up a proper army display board as well. Got myself a cheap frame from Walmart and hoped over to Home Depot after work yesterday to get some MFD board cut to size. I then went to town painting, flocking and adding texture to the display board. I think the results turned out pretty damned good!

Realizing though that I didn’t have Sd Kfz 250s but rather the 251s I decided that it wasn’t good enough to proxy them (especially given that Von Saucken comes in an Sd Kfz 250 and could easily be gun tanked should someone want to unless he was with a proper Aufklarung platoon) so I whipped over to the local game store, picked up a box and whipped them up.

I love this army. Everything has antennas where they should have them and decals and markings where they should be!

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