Dietrich von Saucken

Dietrich von Saucken and his Halftrack Transport

I tend to lead from the front when it comes to my armies. Folks have often commented how I’m in assault by the first turn. It’s kind of a thing of mine.

So when looking for a hero to bring to the Kamloops tournament, I really latched on to Dietrich von Saucken. Not only does he have some really decent rules (allowing rerolls for stormtrooper and rerolling reserves) AND he’s a higher command, so I have a better chance of actually making company morale checks (a downside of leading from the front is you often get shot in the face). The history of this guy is awesome too.

Von Saucken faught in WWI where he was injured something like 7 times. He then went on to train Germans prior to WWII then became a General, got almost morally injured again, again went back to training, got tired of that and went back to the frontlines where he carved out a reputation for himself making effective counterattacks out of hastily constructed military forces.

Just my kind of guy.

I figured he’ll be great to lead the German warmachine.

Thoroughly enjoyed painting this model which comes with his transport. I took special care on his figure to get the monocle and added antennas to his Sd Kfz 250 halftrack to make it stand out.

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