Project America: The List

M18 Hellcat with Muzzle Brake

I’m in the middle of transitioning from one job to another right now which has pretty much been completed, so I’ve a lot of spare time on my hands during the day.

So as a result I’ve been playing a lot with EasyArmy and coming up with my first 1750pt American tournament list.

I think I’ve settled into something pretty sweet.

I was pretty sure that I wanted to go with a mechanized list because I think that combined arms provides the most versatility and, frankly, looks the best on the board. You get a good block of troops with good mobility and you can take a nice variety of vehicles and toys.

The only problem with mechanized lists, in my opinion, is that if you want to be able

M20 Armored Car. They look great!

to do a little bit of everything you aren’t going to do anything very well and in this V3 competitive landscape it’s damned hard to cover all of your bases by ensuring that you have anti-aircraft, a good solid block of troops, possibly air support, anti-tank power, etc. At 1750pts it’s just enough to have a little bit of everything. I imagine that 1500pts is a challenge now.

So with all of this in mind I chose to go with the 7th Armored Rifles. I took the obligatory HQ selection with no upgrades, though it was against my better judgement I needed the points elsewhere.

Combat Platoons:

I really weighed the pros and cons of this one but in the end I decided that 3 platoons of Armored Rifles would do me a lot more good at Confident Trained than 2 at Confident Veteran. I’m going on the principle that these guys are going to be doing the heavy lifting and 42 stands of infantry is a lot of guys to shoot at!

Weapons Platoons:

I decided to take a short Armored Mortar Platoon strictly for the purposes of smoking enemies to deny lines of sight and set up assaults. At 60pts for the platoon it bumps me up to 9 platoons which will be handy for victory points.

Support Platoons:

It was here that I decided to spend a good bulk of my points.

To start things off I knew that I wanted the M18 Hellcat Tank Destroyer Platoon. The platoon just looks awesome with the security detail M20 armored cars and their rules are wicked. I have a soft spot for lightly armored and fast tanks too. I decided to pay the extra points to give them Veteran status because they’ll be harder to hit, especially with the Reconnaissance rules for Moving Cautiously.

Next I decided to take a platoon of 4 M5 Stuarts. I LOVE the Stuarts and their MG fire against infantry (since I seem to be up against an unusual amount of infantry lists these days) is sick at 20 dice for the 4 of them. Their speedy nature means that they can skirt around tough German front armor to get to the vulnerable sides.

I knew that I wanted to take some Cavalry Recon platoons as well. I have learned from my Puma list that lifting Gone to Ground on Dug In infantry is key to being able to effectively knock them out. Plus recon models usually look really cool and being able to skirt around flanks provides some tactical options that I really enjoy. Because Eyes and Ears is a skill check now I decided that upgrading this platoon to Veteran status to make their skill checks and survivability better was a no brainer. I only wish I could find the points to take two!

Next I opted for some Veteran status Priests. I’ve always loved the look of the models and having the mobility of the artillery is key to ensuring their survivability I feel. I took the obligatory AOP as well.

Finally I decided on some trained anti-aircraft artillery. I don’t imagine that they will do a huge amount but they would deter aircraft from just diving in and picking off my army without reprisal. They also provide a nice amount of yet more machine gun fire for defensively positioned infantry.

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